Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hurry! We don't want to miss the Baby Jesus

Well, Christmas is all but done and over here.

We had our family get together yesterday, which ran really late and I wasn't the least bit sure we were going to make it to church. As we were rushing around getting ready, Jack was running around saying, "Hurry up Dave! We have to go see the baby Jesus." LOL
We've also noticed that Santa and the reindeer ate carrots and cookies;
worn new Christmas jammies that Mama somehow managed to make even though Mama (I have no idea how I pulled it off, with no pattern even, and they look pretty good);
and all the presents are opened (and paper and cardboard actually recycled this year, woohoo!).

There were a lot of thrift store/secondhand gifts this year (even from Santa), and honestly? I like it that way. It feels more thoughtful and less commercial somehow. (It certainly requires more thinking as it takes a lot longer to find appropriate gifts with that method. I started looking first thing in November.)
How about a peek in to the cabinet where that ridiculously large vintage nativity I mentioned earlier this season resides?
Jack counted yesterday - there are nine baby Jesus'. (Jesuses? How does one make a plural of Jesus?)
They are lovely though.

And treasured.

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday!


  1. Looks like you sew clothes to me. And I love the nativity.

  2. Merry Christmas. I have a lot of the same Santas as you - including the blowmold cookie jar on the kitchen cabinet.

    I really do not want to put my goodies up, do you?

  3. Can you have too many baby Jesuses? Great job on the pg's. I know I could not have done so well. We have a highly thrifted/handmade Christmas too - with some new mixed in. I love it that way - does make it more special and less commercial I think. Merry Christmas friend!

  4. Merry Christmas! Jack looks so cute. Granted we got the wii, but the only other things the boys had to open were books from "Leftovers" and games/puzzles from Goodwill/Freecycle, and they were thrilled. Good thing, since that is what they are getting for their birthdays coming up! :)

  5. What a neat idea.. I never thought of collecting and displaying so many nativity pieces together like that. Glad we got a nice close peek into the cabinet!
    Our Good Will is having 50% off today.. so we're heading there early. :-)

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sarah and Jack!! I also think you did a good job on those jammies!

  7. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Good job on the jammies! The gigantic nativity set is great. Hope you had a happy day! Fabric swap AFTER Christmas? Barbara

  8. Jack always has the best comments :)

    For a mamma that doesn't sew, you sure did a great job! I want a pair like! Your idea for a hand made or second hand Christmas is a great idea, I did a bit of that this year but I think will do even more of it next. It does make it more personal and more meaningful.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Love the jammies and the vintage nativity pieces are so awesome. Glad you had a beautiful Christmas.

  10. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Sounds like you had a nice holiday! Love the vintage nativity!

  11. Merry Christmas. I just wanted to pop in and say hi :) You have a lot of fun stuff on your blog.

  12. You always make me smile and laugh. Plural of Jesus. haha So funny. And such a cute post.


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