Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom, how many more days?

Every day now we are having the daily discussion (at least 10 or 12 times) about how many more days there are until Christmas. And I think Jack is keeping better track than I am! If I happen to give the wrong answer he is very quick to correct me.

Yesterday David had the brilliant idea that I should bundle him up and send him out into the backyard. At first I was skeptical, but Jack loved it. He spent a good 40 minutes wandering around the backyard: riding the glider on the swingset, going up and down the slide, playing in his playhouse, "cleaning" off the snow.

When Jack was a baby we really wanted to buy a house and we spent a lot of time looking at condos thinking we didn't need the huge yard we have now. Yea, we were so wrong. Our huge, secure backyard is awesome. Really, what were we thinking?
Here is what the woodland tree ended up like. Sorry about the extraneous junk in the background, we have a super, super tiny 1960's ranch house living room. (Which is partially why the big tree is in our bedroom. We can barely fit both a couch and a tv in here.)

Let's peek inside:
a gnome sitting on the base (complete with teddy bear, Jack was sure he needed a teddy bear);
pine cones, acorns, toadstools, a much loved little stuffed gnome up near the top and a turnip. What? Your trees don't have turnips? (There is a potato on there too!);
a gnome that I suspect is missing his pipe;
my only girl gnome, and she is knitting!;
a swinging gnome;
birds, both old and new;
fruit and nuts and woodland cottages;
and kitschy 1960's squirrels too!

This tree is so much fun. I hope to find more woodland ornaments (ahem, toadstools of course!) for it soon.


  1. I love that Turnip. I've heard of pickles on trees but not potatoes or turnips!

  2. This is such a perfect little tree.. wonderful ornaments!

  3. what an awesome backyard! it's great that you guys ended up w/ it! :)

    those little ornaments are adorable! by the way, I love all the pictures you have on the wall.

  4. Anonymous1:54 PM

    This is such a great theme. I just love it. Especially the turnip. Barbara

  5. I love all of those ornaments...they are lovely!

  6. The turnip is perfect! What do you think the gnomes are growing? It made me smile. :) I love the tree skirt you made! Really, the whole tree looks great.

    I went to Macy's today to look for the giant Martha toadstool and all the Christmas decorations were 60% off! That sure made the price right. Toadstools are definitely in this year--I've seen them at Macy's, Anthropologie, Pier One, Wal-Mart and Cost Plus World Market so far.

  7. Love your tree it is awesome!

  8. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I love you ornaments - the gnome on the swing, the toadstools. Perfect!

  9. I'm loving your ornaments.

  10. I have a pickle on my tree, but not a turnip. Although, I would put one on if I had one. ;o) Very cute!

  11. I think that gnomes' trees probably look exactly like this- really a gem!

  12. Love the ornaments on your tree! Especially the toadstools. Isn't there a poem or something that explains the turnip? I don't have one on my tree but I have heard of that before.

  13. Wonderful tree - I've so much catching up to do on your blog!

  14. I love that tree. It is so incredibly darling. The ornaments are great. I can remember that excitment of childhood anticipation of Christmas. I miss that!

  15. I adore your tree!

    Merry Christmas!


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