Friday, December 05, 2008

One porch, two ways

2 years ago we started doing up our front porch for Halloween with witch hats and black tulle and pumpkins and all sorts of other things. (Actually, this is a picture from that first year, it was better this year.) The porch is a really big hit with both Dave and I and the neighborhood. This year on Halloween the neighbors wanted to stop and get their photos taken with the porch decorations above them.
The big white lights cast a very nice glow, and when Christmas came the first year I didn't want to take the lights down. We really wanted to do something similar for Christmas, but we couldn't seem to come up with any ideas on what type of decorations to use.

So this year, Dave bought some clearance fleece and sewed up Santa hats and off we went. (Yes, he made the hats. I was sick and he quite likes sewing.)
I really wish I were a better photographer and I could get an awesome shot of the porch. But you get the idea.
We happened to find some useable decorations at Wal-mart this year, the plastic glittery ornaments, the big glittery snowflakes and some wired ribbon. I already had the aqua tulle in my sewing room.

(Our giant cat is really scary looking in this photo. LOL Sorry!)
We stood out in the freezing cold snow the other night and put it all up.

It could use some fiddling, but it gets expensive to add so many decorations to the lights, so this is definitely a year to year finessing thing.
All in all, I think it's pretty cute.

And it gets bonus points because the neighborhood kids have ZERO interest in stealing* any of it.

I had better go get cracking on that Christmas tree. I am fairly certain I went to bed on November 5th and woke up to find today is December 5th!!!

*After they stole my expensive and very hard to find Halloween blow molds, I am very hesitant to put any of that stuff out. Now we put the large blow mold collection inside our privacy fence in the backyard. We can enjoy it, and it's less tempting to hoodlums. BUT, it was disappointing to the children in the neighborhood who enjoyed our decorations. The porch is sort of a happy medium.

P.S. If you have a nice tidy porch that is always free of old dead plants and kid crap and ladders and shoes and what not, ignore my mess. Our porch seems to be a gathering spot for crap. LOL


  1. How pretty!!!!!! You inspire me to get me butt in gear and do some thing with our front yard.

  2. What a husband you have! Can I send mine for sewing lessons?
    Have a great weekend, we are going to an auction tomorrow that has 17 wardrobes says the sale bill. It's in Eldon near the Lake of the Ozarks if you want to come. We are going for the blacksmith items.

  3. Your house looks very festive and what a great idea to thwart the thieves!!! I know some of that goes on here too, though I think sometimes they just break the stuff.

  4. Loveliness! (pooey on the those who stole stuff off your yard!)

  5. I love your Santa clothesline!

  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Very cool. I especially love all the big sparkly snowflakes.


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