Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa baby

Two years ago I made these ornaments with Jack from a pattern I found at Kiddley .

As soon as they came out of the Christmas boxes this year, Jack was asking to make "babies" again.
I doctored him up a little this year, make him more Santa or gnome like by adding a hat and a beard.

And I printed 4 sizes: artwork size, 2 different ornament sizes and a gift tag size.
It really is a fun family activity. We spent hours making them, and Jack is still coloring the extras.

This is a goofy one I made. Jack wanted to know if that was "a boy princess" since I gave it a crepe paper skirt. LOL
David's are always the most "artistic". Go figure.
And Jack's for this year. Too cute.

We spent the morning at the zoo visiting with cousin Liam. Jack adores Liam, and they hardly see each other since my brother is living in Arkansas. The boys are always both a little sad to separate when it comes time to leave.

I cannot believe what I still have left to do: wrap all the presents, make cookies for Santa, clean the house, and somehow make Christmas pj's for Jack. All by Wednesday.

Oy. I am gonna need elves!


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    those are adorable! and i can't believe you went to the zoo! it's so cold out there.

  2. Kids artwork is the best.

    Where does your brother live in AR?

  3. These are great and a fun thing to do together.

  4. um, the zoo? Today? We go in the winter, but dang it is nippy out there. I just got an unplanned root canal so now I have out for all of the Christmas crap I'm not going to get done. They don't have to know I wasn't going to do it anyway, do they?

  5. so cute! i need elves too now that Miles is sick and I haven't even started wrapping things! Why don't you steal away in your brothers suitcase and come see me??

  6. i love the batman one!!


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