Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super elves

Or how to make Christmas gifts with stuff lying around your house part two.
I am starting to feel "elfed" out, and my work is so far from done. Last week we had NO idea what to give family members this year. In the space of a week we have come up with the ideas and executed them. Two big projects are left on the list, then I am done making for a while. I swear smoke is going to start coming out of the sewing machine soon!

This is what we came up with for Grandpa, a Super Grandpa throw blanket. A sort of joint projik between Dave and I. I had the idea, he made the logo, I did the sewing.

We both think it's the bee's knees. (Plus it used up stuff lying around my increasingly messy sewing room.)
When I asked Jack what he wanted to give his father for Christmas, he had a very definite idea. I figured my best bet for that item was the thrift, so off we went.

He picked up this book, Ten Apples Up On Top, while we were in there. He took off his mittens, opened the cover and started reading.

Like reading the whole book.

With no help.

A book we have not read before.

His sight word list has been pretty long for awhile (and growing every day), but I noticed about 3 days ago that he was starting to make attempts to sound out unknown words.

And just like that, he was REALLY off and reading.

I am mostly just blown away by that. Three Christmases ago he was just learning to walk and this year he is off and running with reading and math (!!).

(This is also bad news a little too. I had dropped his Christmas list in the van and he started to pick it up and read it. I got it back quickly, but man oh man, I was nearly the mother who ruined Santa Claus there for a minute.)
AND Jen at Rosey Little Things is having a great giveaway.

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  1. Isn't it exciting, watching them learn to read? A whole new world opens up to them. My sewing area is a disaster right now too, I actually need to take a few minutes and clean up so I can actually get to it again...

  2. Wow! I burned out on the elfing stuff years ago, but the desire is still there....just not the time or follow-through. I remember reading before kindergarden, which makes it especially hard to teach/help my oldest with several learning disabilities to read. I just *knew* -- like "click, I can read!" Not so easy for Mr. Bubba. Doesn't stop us reading lots of times a day though... I read the fiction to him, he reads the nonfiction stuff about construction and snowplows and knights to me (don't tell him I find that stuff incredibly boring!)
    P.S. I finally added your blog to my reader, so you will be getting more pointless, rambling comments from me!

  3. How exciting that Jack is reading! What a super Christmas surprise! :)

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Way to go Jack! And as a former owner of that book I think hehas great taste in his reading material!

  5. I guess I have forgotten how old Jack is? My daughter is 6 and is still struggling with reading.

  6. Oh hes a little smarty isn't he? He will probably be like megan and about age 4 decide that their is no santa and that you are it, and totally ruin the fun! LOL! Rosemary

  7. Wow! It's wonderful that Jack is reading already. That book was always a favorite with my kids. Take care~

  8. Thanks friend for listing my giveaway
    ! That is amazing he is reading so young, he is one smart little man!!!!

  9. That was my first book too! I can picture it soo clearly! Of course, I was six! Way to go Jack!!!

  10. Reading is magic - and for some kids, it does seem to be caught. What a cool Christmas he's going to have, reading everything! :)

  11. Love the Super Grandpa shirt!!!!


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