Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yes, Jack, there is a Santa Claus

We took Jack to visit Santa way back before Thanksgiving, before we all got sick, and I always love seeing him with Santa. He sits on his lap so sweetly and shares his little heart's desires.

For me, it's the hopes and dreams and magic of Christmas all wrapped up into one sweet little package.

And I love that the photographer this year was not shy about taking more "candid" photos, I didn't have to ask for it at all.
Jack wrote out his little list before we left. I was pleased that he was happy to only put 5 modest wishes on the list, even though in reality he wants EVERYTHING he sees. He is ok with my stock answer though, "we have to share with the other children."

The list says: HOT WHEELS, HANDY MANNY, GEO AIRPORT, LEGO TRUCK and TEDDY BEAR. He wants Santa to know it has to be a SMALL teddy bear, not like the big one he already has. That one is too big for sleeping with.

Other Christmas magic from Jack:
"MOM! I saw an 'elve' in their yard!"
"MOM! Why is there a wolf out here?" (Polar express much? It was a big shaggy dog.)
"MOM! How does Santa know if I am naughty or nice?"
He was ridiculously excited to go to Lowe's this morning and make the gingerbread house. As he was getting dressed I realized with a tiny bit of sadness that his overall days are nearly over. They are no longer practical for a kid who uses the potty and they are hard to find in his size. (This pair is a bit too small even.)

I have always put him in overalls, nearly every day when I could. I love him in his little overalls, and I am a little sorry to see those days go...

With that, we are off to Costco. Jack wants to build "the real gingerbread house, you know, the one with candy," and we are forecast to get a big ice storm this week, which scares me into buying bread and milk. LOL

Thank goodness I bought almost all of the presents and actually got the cards in the mail this morning. I was starting to panic a little bit there.


  1. Don't forget to buy some cocoa mixes for the storm! Hopefully it won't be too bad though.

    LOVE his Santa picture and list! Too cute.


  2. Awwwww! I still have all my kids santa pictures and display them every year! That list is adorable! And my 24 yr old son still talks about how he is scarred for life because I tried to shove him into a pair of Osh Kosh corduroy overalls will little tools all over them when he was 4. He did NOT want to wear them anymore!
    Oh...and DO NOT make the "real" gingerbread will create a sugar induced rampage that you will live to regret. (Been there done that!)

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    What a cute photo of Jack and Santa. Santa looks like he is listening intently! And I am digging Jacks writing skills! Very talented!

  4. How precious, my youngest HATED sitting on Santas lap at that age!
    I always loved kids in overalls also...especially mine. I hope you don't get a bad storm, for us that would be ice. *shivers just thinking about that*

  5. I think Jack is such a classic looking kid. Except for the velcro on his sneakers that picture could have been taken in 1945. Super sweet list. Stay warm!

  6. These pictures are adorable. Can't wait to see the gingerbread houses. I love to make them too, but haven't for a few years.

  7. What a great picture - and he did such a nice job writing his list!
    Yes, the overalls. I thought those days were over, too, but my son loves his (he even has a pink pair!) and can close and open them himself, well, unless he is really in a hurry. I haven't seen too many in size 5, though, so maybe those days are over. Sigh...Enjoy your gingerbread houses!

  8. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The picture with Santa is so sweet. I love that it's candid.

    I hope you guys fair well in the storm! We're experiencing the beginnings of a blizzard as I type. It's starting to come down pretty good! 'Blizzard'. It's still such a foreign word to me. We didn't get too many in Michigan, where I grew up.

  9. Eek I hope you thaw from the ice storm. We don't really get those in Utah but I remember them from my Pennsylvania days. I think it is great you took Jack to Santa. I have wonderful memories of that myself.


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