Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama day!

"Hey mom, do you know what today is? Happy Obama day!"

Yes indeed. Happy Obama day. I got the itch to make something to commemorate this historical moment 2 days ago. I spent most of yesterday stitching, stitching, making a patchwork flag for our big picture window today.

Who knew I had all those great red, white and blue prints in my stash?
(The date at the bottom is a bit hard to see from a distance.)
We will be glued to the tv as much as possible, watching history in the making, and wishing we were standing out there in the cold, clapping our hands and celebrating in DC.
(And Jack is convinced we should have a parade.)
I am sure there will be a joyful tear or two on my part.
Of course we can't have a party without cupcakes.

And music! Here are a few favorites:
We are the ones, will.i.am
This land is your land, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen and Tao Rodriguez (I think there might be an issue with HBO removing that version, but good old Woody Gutherie versions are out there too)
And America's Song, via Oprah, various artists , which you can download for free until 5 pm today.

Now go watch history in the making!


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    that is adorable!! something to cherish forever.

    on a side note, my boy has been saying recently that he is "making projeks" all the time. reminds me of your jack's projiks.

  2. I absolutely love this :)


  3. So cute. Good for you. Jack will remember this day.

  4. oooh. I love it.

    I cried. I clapped. I nodded my head. Hubby made fun of me.

  5. Yes what a day- Great idea on your flag it is wonderful. I had an image as I read your post- many many many years from now, someone finds your flag in a box or at a thrift and marvals and wonders about its maker, much as we do with the treasures we find today from years gone by! A treasure indeed Sarah!!

  6. Sarah, that is just so sweet. And if you were sitting in an office 20 minutes from DC, like you have been your whole life...you'd be GLAD you weren't there. It was just bitter cold and you could not MOVE. I'm a party pooper I guess!

  7. Sarah, Sarah - I think we all shed a tear or two today. It was amazing. I love your banner - what an awesome thing for Jack to always have to remind him of today. You are such a good mom. :)

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    What a great idea! Glad you're celebrating. My husband was texting me from the parade all day. I was a little sad I wasn't there, but he's bringing me stuff ... a button, and a T-shirt, and God knows what but I'll love it. Barbara

  9. love the sign!! you go girl!!
    you are right, its WE, THE POPLE

  10. I agree...a parade is in order! We'll stop by this afternoon, OK? If only! I love your banner - what a great way to commemorate the day!

  11. Ooooh Sarah-

    I love your banner! What a fabulous piece to commemorate a truly remarkable day! I don't think there are words to express the optimism I feel for our futures-and especially the futures of our kids! In what I hope is not a creepy thought, I wish I had a neighbor like you!


  12. Fantastic! I want one! You could have made so much money selling these kinds of things at the Inauguration - so much better than almost everything that we saw.

    Sigh. I still can't get over how much difference a couple of months makes, no? :-)

  13. That is fantastic!! Yes we did! You should come enter my OWOH giveaway!!

  14. yay!!! that is gorgeous!


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