Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Right now I am totally smitten with:
This bias tape I found in a bag for 25 cents at the thrift sometime last week. It is the perfect shade of pink and I love the dainty print on it.

Next week I plan to do a bit of a "bias tape week" here, where I hope to show you at least five different projects made from that one roll of bias tape. Fun for all of us, I hope.
These peg dolls I made for my girlfriend and I. I have been wanting to make them forever, and I was finally able to thrift up all the parts I needed to make them.

They are unbelievably sweet.
Watching Jack play in the snow. We took him sledding yesterday even though we barely had 3 inches of snow. He has been DYING to go sledding for so long, and I loved watching him be so brave and just jump on the sled and go down that huge hill.
As luck would have it it started to REALLY snow last night. Inches and inches and inches of the most beautiful sparkly snow ever. It's like a million diamonds on the everything and it reminds me of when we lived near the ocean and the water under the causeway would glisten every morning in the sunshine.

And, of course, Jack is loving every chilly minute of it.
My super cheap after Christmas clearance paperwhites blooms.

It's like a little bit of spring in the house, even if I do think they really stink.

(Jack loved watching the greens sprout, then the flower buds form, and finally the flowers appear. It was a neat thing to do with a kid in the middle of winter.)

Ok then, the corn chowder on the stove is calling me. Happy Wednesday!


  1. The dolls turned out super cute! We got an inch of snow and the girls were dieing to sled and it just wasn't working, they had fun anyway:)

  2. I'm so jealous! I want you and Jack to be my next door neighbors. (I can't be yours...I hate the cold)

  3. I had paperwhites once and they do stink! I was so surprised by that. My husband kept asking what smelled like garbage in the living room and we finally figured out it was the flowers!

  4. Those dolls are just great. (and completely thrifted - wow!) Glad Jack likes the snow. Clawed my way through a blizzard (exaggerating slightly) to mail out the valentines today. Hope they get there fast!

  5. the peg dolls are sweet! We got snow yesterday too. Glad Jack finally got to go out!

  6. I love the dolls. So precious.

    Did I hear you say CORN CHOWDER?? OMG...I'm on my way! LOL

    Deanna :)

  7. Cute peg dolls. If you need more snow you can have some of ours.

  8. Every year I almost get paperwhites, but it seems like EVERYONE says they stink. So pretty though.

    And those peg dolls are adorable!

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Oh yes, about those paperwhites. I was so excited to try these and give them as gifts for Christmas. Needless to say, I had *no* idea that they smell not so nice. I thought flowers = pretty smelling. Um no! These beauties have a distinct stink. ;)

    I'm going to try hyacinths next time!

    Love your peg dolls... they are darling!

  10. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Have you heard about this? As a fellow thrifter I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the new law impending law.

    An absolutely horrible law: the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

    I first heard of this law a few weeks ago via a post on a Yahoo group. I was skeptical; could there really be a law as bad as this one sounded?

    People were saying that anyone who produces or sells (or even just re-sells) children's products -- including books, sports equipment, clothing, toys, games, everything -- would have to do costly product testing to make sure there is no lead in any part of the product. If they don't do the testing, they're subject to huge fines.

    Many were saying they'd have to go out of business because they couldn't possibly meet the standards of the law.

    It's scheduled to take effect on February 10.

    While I think it's good to test for lead, I truly think this law is overkill and is going to ruin a lively and helpful business---thrifting and trying to save big $$ on our kids' things.

    Let us know what you think please Sara!!!!

  11. Oh that bias tape!!! What a find. I have a particular weakness for vintage bias tape.

  12. Can't wait to see the bias tape projects!

    Oh, and snow looks lovely; Jack sure does look like he's enjoying every bit of it! :)

  13. Ooooh, that bias tape is too yummy. And those little dolls are just adorable!

  14. The dolls are so adorable! I love them. :) I also love how you made jam and blanched your spinach. I am also trying to find ways to save some produce. :) And the valentine tree? TOO CUTE!! I can't wait to haul out my tree for Easter!


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