Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smockin' good time

More than 2 years ago I made myself this smock from a thrifted sheet. I loved that smock.

And I wore that smock to death.

So earlier this summer I bought myself new fabric to make myself a new apron. I had grand plans of mama sized smock of a different sort. I drafted a pattern, I measured two and three times. And finally last week I cut it out.

And it totally did.not.work.
I loved the feedsack reproduction fabric way too much to give up though, so I did a modified version of the first smock with what I could salvage from the mess.

(It's blowing in the FREEZING cold wind there, but you get the idea.)
I added a pocket this time too.

Way more fun than all the ripping of stitches involved in making this thing was Jack locking me outside in the FREEZING cold when I went out to take these pictures.

Smockin' good times indeed.



  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    It looks great!

  2. That fabric is great and I am so glad you found sucess!!

    Had to giggle a little about being locked out by a child because I have, so, been there!

    Now if you were where I live it would have been -21F.

  3. Smockin good times. YOU. KILL. ME.

  4. Cute smock.

    I had a toddler lock me out of the house when I was like 10 months pregnant and had to pee. (I went out to wait for the school bus.) My preschooler had fallen asleep in his brother's bed and would not wake up.

    Somehow the toddler was able to unlock the door eventually. Not fun. I wouldn't want to do it in the freezing cold either.

  5. I was locked in the basement once by a child I was babysitting. He turned the knob because it was there and I had to patiently try to get him to turn it back.

  6. Hey Sarah...I'm here today...give me a call!

  7. turned out super cute! Too funny about Jack locking you out, the things I have to look forward too!

  8. very cute! I need to start sewing for myself!


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