Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A conglomeration

Jack is on the mend and happily working on a gigantic puzzle, and it is so nice to be back to our regular routine with one another.

Let's do a little catching up.
It was so warm for so long here that mother nature is convinced spring has already arrived. My crocuses are up...
the daffodils are up and the maple tree has buds on it.

Too bad we are back to winter!
The last valentine from the heart to heart swap was from Emilie. Can you believe she made 14 of these and all done with a pretty young baby at home? I think I will keep mine up long past Valentine's Day.
I was really struggling with deciding what Valentine to make for Dave this year. When I saw the squirrels at Little Acorn it was love at first sight. I am a novice at papercutting (this was my first attempt), but it was actually easy. And Dave and I both LOVE the result. (In fact there has been some debate over where said Valentine should live. LOL)

And a note from the Jack files:

I've been feeling bad that this year Jack missed all the Valentine parties at school and both of his best little friend's birthday parties (Jack LOVES parties), so I've promised him we can have a St Patrick's Day party. Yesterday I was trying out a minty brownie recipe I thought we might use for the party when in the middle of mixing I really *had* to use the bathroom.

I left him with my expensive kitchenaid mixer beating the batter and strict instructions to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.

I came around the corner back into the kitchen and heard my mixer make the most awful noise and spotted him desperately trying to return it to the down position. Thinking I should just let it go, I added the flour to the batter and moved on when I noticed him holding part of the mixer!

I take the part and go to put it back on when I see that I need a screw to put it back on.

"Jack, where is the screw?"

(He points to the batter.)

"Jack, tell mommy where that screw is now."

"It's in there! (pointing to the batter again)."

Oh my, he really did put part of the mixer in the brownie batter. I had to sit there with a spoon and go fishing in the brownie batter. LOL

Oh well. It could have been worse , at least he didn't swallow it.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Or at least he didn't turn it on and send the brownie batter flying all over walls and ceiling. Glad you found the screw and am sure you enjoyed the brownies!

  2. In Jack's defense, I've had to fish the screw out of my Kitchen bowl before, sans Jack.

  3. oh my!

    Enjoy the brownies!

  4. oh dear...at least you found it!

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    They can't resist the mixer. We've had batter flying in our house.

  6. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Oh no, I'm laughing at the whole scenario! At least you found it before you baked it in the brownies...!

  7. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Hihi, how on earth did he manage that? Good to hear that you managed to track down the screw, before cooking the dough ;-)

  8. Anonymous7:09 AM

    I have never been more envious. Crocus?

  9. looks lovely - I wish we could get a little more spring around here.

    And when you started telling that story, I went right back to Jack swallowing the coin - I'm glad he didn't this time!


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