Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday Roundup

Oh boy, I have a LOT to fit in one post here, so hang onto your lederhosen.

1. Most importantly, my trusty assistant and I have chosen a button tree winner. Drumroll please.....the grand prize winner is Michaele !

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered. I sincerely appreciate those of you who also came to enter a contest and decided to look around and stay awhile. I hope you will continue to visit with us here. :-)
2. This is Jack's contribution to frugal Fridays, penguin bowling.
Isn't he a corker? This game cracks me up!
3. My contribution to frugal Friday: If you go quickly to Start Sampling you might still be able to get in on 24 free months of Parenting magazine. It's legit, it's where I got my country home subscription before country home died.

Speaking of dead magazines, today I discovered that the final issue of Hallmark magazine is the Feb issue on the stands now. That mag was really starting to come into it's own, and I am so bummed about this magazine carnage. Country Home, cottage living, O at home, Domino, CRAFT, Home Companion, Hallmark, Wondertime, the list seems to go on and on doesn't it?

4. Last Friday at school Jack reported he was "tackling" on the bean bag when he was poked in the eye by a little friend. When we picked him up, he was rubbing his eye a lot. After an after hours phone call to Children's Hospital and one "emergency" visit to the ped on Saturday morning, we discovered a fingernail shaped gouge in his cornea. Never mind how ticked off I was about the whole tackling thing (what are you doing teachers?!?!), I know that hurts, I have been there before myself. And it was only 7 days after the double ear infections.

So now we had to go to the ped's office on a Saturday morning when he only sees sick kids. I bet you can't guess what's going on over here again?

Oh right! Jack is sick again. Pffffffffffft.

5. My in laws are coming. In two rounds, only a day apart, 8 days from now. (Jack reminds me every day how much time I have left, lol). Did I mention my in laws are coming? LOL You all know that means I am about to go into insane woman mode, right?

I have two big projects I am hoping to get done in the coming week, but understandably blogging is going to be sparse here for a bit. Between the in law visits, a big consignment sale, a constantly sick kid, my own sinuses troubles that will not go away and my insane need to bleach everything we own to prepare, I am cutting it close.

In fact, I may need to revisit that need to take up drinking. :-)

(Kidding. Maybe.)

See you soon!


  1. I hope Mr. Jack is feeling better soon...

    Only the big mags will survive the recession. Most of us are reading good blogs nowadays, aren't we?

  2. good luck with your prep work! I don't envy you. We've had a bit of sickness around here, but nothing that requires a doctor visit (knock on wood!). Hope you are all feeling better pronto!

  3. Ouch! Poor Jack! I hope he feels better soon, too. My son went through a period at preschool where every day he was coming home with bite marks and big bruises from them! I know kids bite at that age, but come on! It was every day for a week at least. One of the times the teacher said he was playing with a toy and another child came up to take it. After fighting over it, the other kid bit him. If you could stand there and observe all that, why couldn't you step in a stop them fighting over a toy before he got bit? As the parent of the child being used as a chew toy it was very frustrating. :)

  4. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Sometimes I can't decide what's tougher, a 4 year old or a 17 year old. I'm voting for the 4 year old today. Good luck with everything, especially the ILs.

  5. Oh my Sarah! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate!

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon and that the visits go well!

  6. I'm tired just from reading your post! Hope Jack and you are feeling better soon. And I wouldn't worry about the in-laws visit. You know what I always say about cleaning before guests come? If I can live in it, surely they can visit in it. If not, they can go home. Not that my house is a pig pen or anything, I'm just sayin. Love it or leave it.

  7. You are going to be one busy woman!! I'm fortunante that my in-laws live minutes away which actually makes the visits few and far between (and we usually go over there. I do have a picture up that says "Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect, It means you decide to look beyond the imperfections", this is pretty much the motto for our house, there's ALOT of imperfect here. Hope Jack feels better. We are justing getting over fevers and still dealing with runny noses...ugg winter.

  8. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Getting poked in the eye hurts! Poor Jack! I hope he feels better soon and that all goes well with the visits.

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM

    hang in there mamma! we're all sending you our best wishes for some quiet days :)

  10. poor sarah and poor jack! IS his eye okay? When wes was in elementary school, some kids jumped on his back on the playground, making him fall and break off a tooth. ugh! OF course the school denyed having any responsiblity!

  11. Poor Jack! I hope his eye gets better!

  12. Oh wow! You will be busy. I have been doing that sale for years, it really is a lot of work. The past 2 seasons I have just given a good friend all of Gina's clothes. I am a suscriber to Wondertime, and just renewed actually. I hadn't heard they were folding. I guess I better call. Oh and good luck with the in laws, do they stay long?

  13. If your in-laws are coming, I'd start drinking NOW and keep drinking until they're gone haha.
    Hope Jack is feeling better. Ouch! Did he get to wear an eye patch, like a pirate? Arrrr Matey!

  14. Anonymous6:59 PM

    NOT HALLMARK MAGAZINE TOO! I was just looking at it on the newstands wondering when the next issue would be out. Another arrow in my magazine loving heart!

    Hope Jack is 100% soon and the in law visit goes well

  15. Penguin bowling, I LOVE IT! So sorry to hear about the eye injury- hmmm...tackling? Sounds like CLAWING!

    I'm thrilled to have won your beautiful button tree! Feel free to email me for my mailing address:


  16. Good luck with the in laws :) I saw the button tree mentioned over on Crafty Pod as part of a review of the book. I looked at your name and thought it seemed familiar! It's gorgeous :)

  17. Oooh, Good Luck with everything you need to get done this week Sarah. Love the pics of Jack. And I'm told Cosmo's help with the coping LOL!

  18. Sarah! I've just been catching up with you! I hope that Jack and you are feeling better. Would you believe my 16 year old son just had a double ear infection too? Ack! I hope you've survived the in-law's visit. I remember those days. I had a very much love-hate relationship with my ex's mother and dad. Loved him, couldn't stand her.
    Anyway...hang in there!


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