Monday, February 09, 2009


Me: "Hey Dad, I forgot to tell you my latest bizarre request. I need antlers. But not with furry deer heads attached."
My Dad: "You aren't going to make your mother wear them during deer season are you?"


(I actually did manage to find a set of antlers at the flea market yesterday, so a trip to Michaels for a plaque to mount them on was needed. There was a line a mile long waiting to get into Michaels when they opened.)

Dave: "Who knew there were so many antler emergencies on a Sunday morning?"


Jack:"M-O-M, look at this. M-O-M, this is to keep the sun out." Yes, I have been downgraded to spelling out Mom now. Gone are the Mama, mommy, mom, mother days. Now I am officially M-O-M.


(Yesterday we had a nice-turned-very-hairy-very-quickly walk in the woods. Jack got poked in the eye with a stick, we got lost for a long time and it was getting dark and cold. I swear I thought we would be on the evening news later this week, you know "those people who wander around in the woods with no matches and no water and are lost for days eating only worms". We did, however, see a LOT of deer poop and trails."

Jack: "Mom, I NEVER EVER want to see reindeer poop again. And I don't like sticks, there are too many sticks in the woods."

Ok, back to my hiatus. Weather is still like spring, to do list is still miles long.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Did I miss something? What are you doing with the antlers? It'll be cool, no matter.

    That reminded me of my petite friend, just a bit taller than me, meaning not very tall, and itty-bitty, cutting off deer toenails for some project. I forget. I just couldn't get over her sawing off deer toenails. Yuck!!

  2. yea, whats with the antlers?? :)
    i got my valentines today!!
    great swap, beautiful valentines!!! thank you sarah!!!

  3. Hahaha! I'm sitting here wondering if I would know the diff between deer poop and dog poop!

  4. Jack spells your name? That's so odd, yet so great. The package arrived today! OMG! I can't believe you sent one of those little dolls. I *heart* it! She's staying out after Valentines Day. (I'm not blogging about the swap til you do, because I don't know when everybody else will get pkgs.) And the fabric? Separate e-mail required. I'm inspired.

  5. oh no! i hope is eye is fine. are you not going to tell us what the antler mounting was all about?
    oh, the proper term is scat, hehe. in case for some unknown strange reason you would want to know that

  6. I'm sorry I can't help but laugh...I'm picturing you wandering around trying to find your way out, because if you're anything like me I would have been hysterical and all they would have had to do is follow my screams. I'm glad you are okay tho.

  7. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Very LOL and cute post!

  8. Lot's of excitment at your house! What would I give for spring weather? It's snowing here again today and there are supposed to be 6 more storms by the end of the month!
    I'm also waiting to blog about the swap, but I seriously LOVE them all. Hannah wont put the little doll down. It may need to be displayed in her room year round!

  9. that is a crazy story, about getting lost in the woods. i got lost, with two friends, on a day hike when i was around 20. it was a warm day in february, so i just had on jeans jacket. we had very little food, just snacks. we took the wrong trail back, and it got too dark to keep walking. so we just sat down on the ground, tried to make a small fire, but it was kind of drizzling. it was quite miserable, and i don't think anyone slept. i bet we were all silently blaming each other... as soon as it was light, we started walking, and easily got back to the car, but it was so unexpected, and unbelievable. i am happy you guys didn't spend the night out there!

    my mom used to say, i think as a way of "bright-siding": well, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!


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