Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three plus one

Thank you all for your kindness. For everything, the book love, the grandma love.

I am sitting here wasting away the afternoon for an hour while Jack watches Curious George and I thought I needed something else at the top of ye olde blog.
So how about a crazy kid with a jelly face and a cockeyed hat?

(Love that mess in our backyard that has been lying there for months. LOL Not.my.problem I say.)
And this is the view from my chair. Three lazy bums. Look at them there!

Not a care in the world. Content to just shed all over the couch we just vacuumed.

Ah well, I hate that couch anyway. Last week it tried to swallow one of them. He crawled under the thing when we had the recliner on it up, and he got swallowed up when I closed it without knowing he was under there. (He never goes under there!)

It was hairy (literally and figuratively) for a minute or two.

I bought some really cool things today at the scrapbook store, hopefully I will be back soon with a Projik'! and a button tree winner. :-)


  1. Whenever we can't find our little girl kitty, we look inside the recliner and there she is peeking out. I am always afraid she will get stuck insdie there but she always finds her way out. I think she knows she can alone under there.

    I never knew you had three big white fluffy cats! (I knew you had three cats...)

  2. OMG how cute. Those are some big kitties! How are the litter box issues these days? We currently have 6 cats in the house because we still have 4 babies. We have two litter boxes and it seems like all I am doing is cleaning boxes. As soon as we can get their mother fixed, she is going back out the door.

  3. Anonymous6:16 AM

    The lazy cat at the end of the couch... with it's arm on the armrest just cracks me up! Top this off with a drink, a cigar and life is purrrfect! HA! ;)

  4. LOL! Those kitties are living the high life. I don't have any kitties but my little dust-mop of a dog (she's a Lhasa) lays around just like that about 90% of the time. NEVER on the floor--always on the couch or bed, preferably on a pillow. Who came up that phrase "it's a dog's life" anyway? Sometimes I'd like to be a dog or kitty for a day or two. Except for that licking thing, I guess.


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