Sunday, March 22, 2009

A crafty challenge

About a month ago I signed up to do a craft challenge at Rebecca's place .

The little card arrived and I thinked and I thunked until it came to me in the middle of the night one night, smocking! I knew I wanted something that would "read" elastic on the card without being obvious.

Poking the holes was killer on the old fingertips, so I left out one of the stitches. Without it the smocking looks more fishnet to me. Or like one of those stretchy reusable net grocery bags perhaps. (You can click to enlarge the photo for better detail.)

Either way, it still says elastic to me!

I am still thinking about how to frame it.
Garage sales are starting to really pick up around here, so we have been hitting a few of them. There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of treasure to be found yet, but on a run to the grocery store yesterday Dave bought me the super cute toadstool S&P shakers.

Now *that's* love.

I have other treasures to share with you this week, and a completed projik or two (fancy that!), but we are off to a birthday party.

Jack is already talking about the cake. :-)

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Sarah, I've been thinking about you. Glad to see you're (more or less) back to your happy self. No serious lasting trauma from the in-law fiasco...? I guess that remains to be seen.
    Love the little S&P shakers. What a thoughtful little gift!

  2. I have those same S&P's with red tops. What a husband! Mine wouldn't dream of stopping at a sale.

    I posted my Craft Challenge result today too.

  3. how sweet of your husband! and I love the smocking....I can't begin to imagine how it's is absolutely P E R F E C T!

  4. That elastic card is adorable Sarah -- man, are you ever clever!

  5. i adore what you did with the card. why dont you make a shadow box with other vintage notions? and some cute feed sack material as the backing


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