Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter bunnies and birds

When I got out the Easter decorations last week this was the only wreath for the front door. I am sure that at one time I liked it, but now it seems bad to me. It's way too small, it's become misshapen and it's too pink.

Wait, did I just say something was too pink? Whoa.

So a few weeks ago Shara found these tiny speckled eggs and I asked if we could do a little swap. I wanted the eggs to fill up my kitchen apothecary jars.*

The little eggs arrived and they were just so sweet I knew I needed a new wreath.
I started digging around in all my junk trying to come up with an idea. I had some green moss Dave bought me for Valentine's day, I had a left over bird from that long ago sparkly stick Martha project and the little eggs.

Hmmmmmm, I needed something else. I knew I would be forever gluing on thousands of tiny eggs.

And then my light bulb went off. I plucked all the eggs off that pink wreath, spray painted them robin's egg blue and spent a few hours burning my flesh off with the hot glue gun.
And I LOVE it in all of it's earthy, springy goodness.

(It's hard to get a photo of my front door. Who knew? I put this photo in because I know some of you like to see a broader shot of our house.)
At some point I picked up a paper mache egg. I immediately thought it wanted to be a rabbit. I only have one of those spun cotton rabbit heads and I wanted to use it. Then I saw the tutorial for fabric covered eggs and decided to give it all a go at once.

She's cute enough except that even though I *promise* I wasn't trying to copy one of Laurie's bunnies , she is almost an exact copy down to the flower and the button. LOLOL

And yea, she doesn't stand up straight for the life of her.

So, 1 projik that is a total winner and 1 that is not my favorite.

It all balances out in the end, eh?

*I still had plenty of eggs to fill my jars, thank you Shara!


  1. cute cute CUTE!!! I love that wreath! One of these years I'm going to get my act together enough to actually have all of my various "holiday decorations" divided up by holidays. Right now they are all in big tub together and I just didn't have the energy to dig through and pick out the easter stuff this year.

  2. Love the wreath! I bought two boxes of those eggs and have ideas swirling. Currently they are inside a cloche with a bluebird sitting on top which was not easy to do since you have to fill a cloche upside down.

    Thank YOU for the wonderful goodies you bestowed upon me for those silly little eggs! ;o)

  3. that turned out really cute!! i seem to be the only one in blogland that has no spring or easter stuff out, lol.

  4. That is the cutest wreath ever!! Love it! :)

  5. SO adorable! I really love it! I don't have an Easter wreath. I think I'll have to get on it this week and make one too.

  6. You are making me excited to put wreaths on the door of that ugly house and pretty it up! Love the bird wreath - so so great!

  7. Very spring happy wreath. And of course am loving the spun bunny head - sometimes I hot glue an old poker chip to the bottom of my figures to give them a base to stand on...would that work for the bunny?

  8. Anonymous7:17 PM

    LOVE the one with the robin's eggs! :)

  9. The wreath came out really beautiful! I just love those tiny eggs. Oddly, I now have a craving for jelly beans...

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  11. a 'ribbon' wreath would have been sweet for spring too (wink ~ wink). YOURS is great, I'm just busting on you!!

  12. I love your egg wreath. No Easter decorations here yet. I think I'm still in the clean and organize mode and that is holding me back.

  13. Love the new wreath. The pink one was pretty but a bit bright. I've got to get out my Easter decs. Everything is so hard to get out of our storage unit in the basement.

    Oh, and I LOVE your door!

  14. I really like your natural rendition of the wreath. In my selfish opinion, the pretty end result was quite worth the hours of flesh burning ;)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I look forward to visiting with you again :)

  15. Love it! And I really love the Easter cards on your card holder, even if you don't! You are a very good surgeon...



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