Friday, March 20, 2009

A girly IKEA hack

Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments. Both Dave and I have read them more than once and we find comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

I also want to acknowledge that I know it was not easy for many of you to say the things you did in those comments. It's hard to put it out there sometimes. But do know that I have received several emails letting me know that someone else feels like they are in the same position we are, and they too found comfort in your comments.

It's easy to look at post that already has a lot of comments and think yours won't make difference, but it does. And it's something I needed a reminder of myself. :-)

Now onto that hack:
I love IKEA as much as the next girl, but sometimes it hard to imagine the stuff in IKEA in my house. Most of it feels very "modern" and very unlike my girly, vintage house.

I LOVED the shape of this frame, but hate, hate the shiny black plastic. When we saw it Dave said "too bad it's black."
I immediately thought of a can of spray paint and plopped it into the cart.
And pink it is!

I wanted to mirror the glass that was in it. I have used Krylon's Looking Glass paint in the past with success, so I tracked a can down and attempted to mirror the glass.
While I love the pink paint part, the mirror part was a dismal failure. I am not sure if I got a bad can of paint or the weather wasn't just right or what.
You can see here that it is slightly reflective, but not enough for me.

I am still deciding if I want to try and remove that paint and start again or if I should ask a friend who does mirrors for a living to just cut me a proper mirror to fit in it. (The paint is $13 a can at Michael's, so not exactly cheap, ya know?)

Knowing me I will leave it like it is now for 3 years. LOL

It's my first IKEA hack and all in all I am pretty pleased!

Want to see more IKEA hacks? Try here .

*Sorry all the pics are leaning, I was trying to keep my reflection out of the way.


  1. Wow Sarah, I love it. I wish we had an Ikea here..or maybe we do..gosh, I'm not sure! I'll have to check..LOL!

    The color is lovely. I should do that to a mirrow I have. I'm just now transitioning from the red, gold and green chenille look with the dark cherrywood furniture. I'll have to keep my furniture and work around it but I want everything else pink, shabby and chippy. I've waited so long and now it's time!

    Have a great day!
    Deanna :D

  2. I LoveLoveLove the pink color! I can never think out of the box like that!

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I like that pink AND the chippy blue door, and especially the two of them together.

  4. I saw that very same mirror and thought it should be pink too! Maybe you could just remove the glass and leave it empty until you decide.

  5. I love it in pink! I think it would be pretty in aqua too. I've never heard of that spray mirror stuff. Sounds very interesting--I'll have to remember that!

  6. I am a bad spray apinter - so I know I could never correctly spray a mirror. I'm sure it would look like a funhouse mirror.

  7. I would have never guessed that was the same mirror/frame! It looks great. I have a chair waiting to be repainted, but my last attempt at furniture painting didn't go so well....

  8. I love that frame and now I want to go to IKEA today! The pink is awesome.


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