Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kitchen Chemistry

If you had asked me two years about "homeschooling" I would have jumped up and down and vehemently protested ever being a homeschooler. (Not because I am anti-homeschool, but I was a public school teacher, and my "vision" for Jack has always included public school.*)

Now that he is 4, there is no denying that we do plenty of "homeschooling" around here. There are math lessons, educational videos, plenty of reading, mini science lessons and more every day. It's just that I never think of it in homeschooling terms.
At least I didn't until Jack called me over to show me the "bocanoe" he made in the sand box and my little science teacher light bulb went off.

Kitchen chemistry time!
Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes to the rescue.
He spent a good hour making "bocanoes", and I didn't even blink when he had used an entire box of baking soda and a half a gallon of vinegar.
Hey, I would sacrifice anything in the kitchen in the name of science!

Now I just need to buy more vinegar so we can make rubber eggs .

*As he gets older I find that I am much more fluid about these things. If we find we are better suited to homeschooling, then we are better suited to homeschool. So be it.


  1. Wish I could have been there to see the bocanoes! I think I would have had so much fun watching that! If you and Jack make those rubber eggs, be sure to post them.

    I remember my second grade teacher telling us that if we had chicken for dinner, for our mothers to save the wishbone and we could bring it to school the next day..which we all did. Then she put them in a glass jar of pickle juice. I'm not sure how long they were in there but they did turn into a bend-y rubbery texture. That was a lot of fun.

    I'm sure there are so many things that you can think of sure if you and Jack have more projiks to take pictures!


  2. i go back and forth too...

    i've gotta do this on our next warm day. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I feel similarly about home school.

    Glad to see Jack is having fun and learning too - hooray for science!

  4. Nothing like hands-on science! He looks so happy!

    What a great afternoon!

  5. I am totally on the same page about the homeschooling. At first I was not for it because of my support for public school. Now after reading so many positive examples of HS on blogs, I am more open to the idea myself. Why not use my skills on my own kids? Let's just say, it has become a potential "plan B."

    We did rubber chicken bones at school. Stinky but fun!

  6. Yes, I remember a small talk with you on the subject of Hsing ;-) You know, you will know when it feels right. Do not label, just do what feels right and all will be fine. Clarice

  7. my daughter is 15 and we homeschool. i have treasured the time i spend with my daughter and wouldnt have it any other way. kids spend so many hours in school and then when they get home there is more time required for homework. homeschooling is such a great lifestyle. oooh i will step off my soapbox now....

  8. I was lost, but now I'm found...
    Sarah, I cannot believe I lost my way here so thoroughly! I knew there was something missing from my blog experience lately, but I couldn't figure out what. I made a blog link page a while back (to try to pare down the messy look of my blog...didn't work ;), and somehow forgot to re-add yours!!

    Anyway, I finally found my way back and am so happy! I will probably be here a hile getting caught up...

    First off, my heart goes out to you and your in-law dilemma. STill, I think you have made the right choice. Nothing is worth our children hurting inside, and you can certainly revisti your decision as Jack gets older.

    Second, you have THE most beautiful hallway of any home I have ever seen! You know I love that blue door, but the frames and vintage touches hit it out of the ballpark! I am so envious!! Can I use a photo of it on an upcoming post...please? I will give due credit, of course.

    Anyway, enough from me, but I am honestly just so happy to have "rediscovered" an old friend...


  9. I'm glad to see you think of homeschooling as an option! So many families don't and send their kids off to a school that is a bad fit for their child.

    I'd be in jail for throttling someone if my son had remained in public school. We withdrew him after a few months of pre-k and have never looked back! He'll be 16 in May and is a very well-adjusted kid with all the regular teenage issues. He has a job, unlimited texting(ugh) and more friends than I had in my entire school experience!

    Keep up with the fun experiments, those are so good for Jack!!


  10. :) As a brand new, reluctant, "wouldn't have thought I would ever EVER do it" homeschooler...we disected a daffodil yesterday. I have to admit it was pretty cool looking at all of the parts from the tubes in the stem to the ovules to the stamen. Bubba was most enthralled by the tubes and I was amazed by all of the little egg cells. And he is so excited to measure his pumpkin seedlings every morning and night...not sure who is more excited to see how uch they have grown...hubby or him!


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