Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's do a little thrifting

The weather here continues to be so warm that spring is already in full swing. Jack and I are starting to enter that time of year when we spend the entire day out in the backyard. The grass out the front door is so fresh and green and long already that it looks like silk blowing in the crazy winds we have had for 2 days.

And most importantly, I did NOT suffer from the winter doldrums this year!

Anyway, I've been trying to take pictures of things for the blog in advance, so don't think all these things came from one trip. :-)
There was an estate sale at one of the neighbor's homes last week which was supposed to start at 9. Jack had school that morning, so we got there at 8 45. When we walked in the daughter told me they started letting people in at 6 30! Since they advertised fabric I would have been there a lot earlier if I had known that...

Oh well. I picked up this frame for some crazy price (maybe a quarter or 50 cents), thinking I would put it in the hallway. I can't seem to find room for it, so it's been on the counter. I have been debating about the painting inside of it when I noticed a signature in the sunlight the other day.
It looks to me like it says "C FAHRENHOLTZ". Some googling shows an artist who used a signature that was close to that, E G Fahrenholtz. The tricky bit is that the signatures look exactly the same, same style lettering, same handwriting, but those first initials are different.

Obviously my internal debate about what to do with it rages on. LOL Is it the sort of thing we always hope to find, an antiques roadshow treasure? Is it nothing? Is it too dark for my house? I'll keep thinking on it.
I also picked up this needlepoint at her house. (I think it's needlepoint? I can't believe how little I know about some of the needle arts.)

I wish I could move right in that house. Charming, isn't it?

No clue what to do with it either, but it was wadded up like garbage in the estate sale which kills me a little.
At some other time last week I picked up this awesome pair of barkcloth curtains. Don't they just scream 1940's tropical?

Except I am not sure what I am going to do with them either. LOL I would hang them in the living room, but then they would have cats hanging off them with sharp claws and kids grabbing them with grubby fingers.

I am sensing a theme here in my thrifting lately...
Ahhhhhh, something I know what to do with! A piece of white pottery.

And a such lovely piece too.

Now, back to waiting for the crazy garage sale season to start. The listings in the paper are growing every week. Wooohoooo!


  1. Love all your great finds. You sound like me..."a great deal, but not quite sure what to do with it"!! I have a lot of those finds!!!
    BTW I love your blog, have been following for a while!

  2. I really love that little painting. I've been sort of collecting little paintings lately. That one is very nice. :) Your other finds are great as usual, too!!

  3. I love those curtains...I would have the perfect place for them. Which reminds me, maybe I need to hit a few thrift stores to find some for the porch...my new craft area!

    Love all the things you got!


  4. Looks like some fun stuff Sarah! I love the pretty white pottery.

  5. I'm so jealous of your Spring. We had snow last week ~ and rain all this week. I'm not sure yard sale season will ever start. Although I did see a few signs this weekend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cross stitch (needlepoint? I don't know anything about them, either). I know exactly what I'd do with it!! I'd put it in a simple frame and hang it right above my sewing machine and pretend that cute little house was my studio!!
    My grandmother just passed away and I know she has a house full of wonderful little treasures that I would love to have, but unfortunately I live hundreds of miles away and no one else in my family appreciates the simplicty and the value of her "junk" as they call it. I fear some of her greatest hidden treasures are going to be crumpled up and tossed like garbage like your great find was. Its so sad.

  6. Love the white pottery piece, of course! Pottery had had a bit of a dry spell around these parts.

    A bit more investigating on the painting will be fun and maybe lucrative. I sold a 10¢ pot for $350.00 once by investigating the signature.

  7. I wish we had thrift stores around - you find some really amazing things. As someone who does needle crafts, my Grandma and Great Aunts taught me as a child, I always "rescue" those craft projects that others seem to ignor - like at that estate sale you went to - I'd have done the same thing LOL

  8. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Loving your finds!! My pal & I hit several upscale thrift stores in Hou last week - I was amazed at the amount of really NICE furniture at super prices! Next time I need anything, I'm hitting the shops. Found a cool charm bracelet ($12), framed signed print ($6), iron 4-arm candelabra ($10). Woo-Hoo!!
    On another note, I've been thinking about you and your in-laws. For 30 yrs now, I've been dealing with similar issues. My inlaws were never ugly to my baby - had they been it would have been over. Since they are only ugly to me (and sis-in-law spouse) I can simply ignore them. I will not allow them to control my happiness. Unfortunately, you and hubs may have to divorce his parents.

  9. Oh how I wish Spring would arrive in NYC! I'm still freezing and it's almost April! ARGH.

    Love your finds, particulary the curtains. I now, of course, have the thrifting bug and may have to drive over to the store today hmmm

  10. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love all the things you shared. Garage/yard sales are one of the best things about summer-and it's almost here!

  11. such fabulous finds! were these all from estate sales or garage sales? i never find anything good like that at our garage sales.
    i love barkcloth. i would be worried about having them up with kitties around too


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