Sunday, March 29, 2009

A paint can addiction

After having been *very* springlike here for a month (we've been wearing shorts!), it snowed a little last night.
I was actually hoping for a more substantial snow than this, something Jack could sled in since winter was non existent this year. Oh well, it's still pretty.
I've been wanting a card holder ever since Laurie mentioned that she uses hers to display corsages on.

My patience finally paid off in a goodwill last week when I spotted this one. It was too Christmasy for me with the holly, I needed something I could use for Valentines too, so I set about ripping off the holly leaves with the pliers. (Note to self, wear safety glasses when ripping apart metal things.)
The berries are SUPER welded on, so they had to stay, but after my little surgery project it had to have a fresh coat of paint to cover the surgery scars.

So white it is.

I am starting to think I might have a teensy, weensy, little spray paint addiction.

I've used a lot of spray paint this week. A lot. But hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem right? LOL
I don't really like the Easter cards on there, but I was too lazy to go get the Valentines out to show you them on the holder, so Easter cards it is.

Speaking of Easter, I will be back soon with an Easter craft or two.

And yes, there is paint involved.


  1. too CUTE!! I have not ventured into the world of spray paint yet. Although its not from lack of trying. I have two cans of spray paint sitting on my counter and two projects that I'm DYING to do. But I have to wait for it to stop raining....and I live in Seattle. I might be waiting a while. *sigh*

  2. Super cute and glad you finally found a card holder...the paint definitely gives it a better look (and i would never even notice those berries!). I also love spray hubby is always coming home from work and asking if I was painting in the house again. (too cold outside still, so the basement/laundry room becomes spray paint central). Can't believe you had SNOW!

  3. Love that!!! Now do you really want to do a 7 step program for this sickness of yours??? Ha! No.
    I sure wish I could find something like this for my cards. You have such wonderful luck finding things at thrifts and yard sales!!
    Paint on sista!!

  4. I share your addiction :)...I spray paint stuff all the time...I "rattle canned the coffee table!?!?!" as my husband put it. It used to be a light wood, and I painted it black...people keep telling me they saw it in Pottery Barn...I laugh, silently to myself :)

  5. beautiful....oh my and oyu have snow.... we had wall to wall sunshine yesterday. Crazy weather. Good to catch up with you (as ever)

  6. Cute! If I had spotted that at a thrift I would have had no idea what it was. It looks a lot better too!

  7. I think the Easter cards look great on it. I love it in white too!


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