Monday, March 09, 2009

Phase 1: Misson Complete

Well hello there.

I've missed you! (And somehow I have missed Jack too. Is that wierd?)

Aunt Kristin is on the plane on the way back to Phoenix, and boy are we tired. I am looking forward to one day of normalcy with Jack tomorrow before my MIL and FIL arrive on Wednesday. I think March might be the month that does me in. I keep looking at the calendar that is bursting with obligations and feeling my head spin.

Here is what we have been up to:
We took a little mini trip to Chicago 2 weekends ago just for a chance to get out of dodge for a bit. One of the things I bought that I am dying to do a little makeover on is this frame. Just wait till you see what I have in mind for that thing!
A day or two before Kristin arrived I stumbled on an Arizona tablecloth in the thrift. Score! It's been on our table for all of our Arizona guests to enjoy.
Many moons ago (ok, it was just a month), I did a little vintage fabric swap. I know she is curious about which fabrics were my favorites, and I am curious about which were hers, so I thought I would snap a few photos. I LOVE those tulips and there is something special about vintage brown and orange prints.
And these two, well, no words necessary really.
On Saturday we had St Patrick's day party for a group of Jack's little friends.

Awesome. It was warm and wonderful to see them all squealing and running around the backyard.
Of course I had to put out an appropriate tablecloth. (I always wish I had more photos of our parties, the decorations, the kids, etc. In truth I am way too darn busy to take many photos.)
Aunt Kristin made us delicious cupcakes (she was also the wedding cake baker for Dave and I).

We had plenty of fun green food: green milk, shamrock grilled cheese sandwiches, honey dew melons, green jello and more.
The leprechaun hats were fun (not as fun as the necklace making station or the temporary tattoos though).
And the pot o'gold party favors were a HUGE hit with the kiddos.

We've also had wicked storms (complete with tornadoes, I knew that 90 degrees couldn't be good), a broken camera for me (WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am seriously technology resistant, I keep rebuying a 2001 model 2 MP digital camera off Ebay because thinking about new cameras gives me anxiety), a rousing game of bowling (I was the winner! Wooooohoooooo...Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let's not talk about the fact that I still need the bumpers), and more than my share of sleepless nights.

I am off to revel in a few new good books: Sew Darn Cute (which really is super cute), and The Kitchen Linens Book . Both of which have me dreaming of hours in my sewing room....ahhhhhhh. :-)

(Just as soon as I catch up on what all of *you* have been up to!)


  1. Love the st pattys party, looks so cute! Rest up!

  2. The party looks like awesome fun! I am super duper psyched to see what you do with that frame! IKEA hacks are my favorite!

  3. oh my gosh, that tablecloth was a great score! I'm jealous!

  4. I didn't realize that it was two separate visits - I thought they were all coming together. Hope everything goes OK for you with the next visit!

    Great party!

  5. I know you have been SO busy this month.. with all the company coming. Bet you will be letting a huge sigh of relief when April comes. :-)

    I still have not had a chance to get to the post office.. so don't worry about it. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed. :) Just let me know.

    I have never seen a tablecloth like that. How totally perfect!

  6. Um yeah. When I asked you to send the 90 degree weather, I didn't mean send the wind too! You can stop now -- I'm losing shingles LOL! Jacks party looks like great fun -- hey wait, you can send some cupcakes with that wind.

  7. You are such a good mommy. How fun is a Paddy's day party!

  8. You know Sarah I have been reading here for quite some time and you have shared your parenting trials and triumps- which is wonderful in its self- my point is when you are feeling the difficulty of parenting- the trials- please remember that you are giving Jack a great gift. You create the most wonderful memories for him. You can turn anything into a celebration and you do it in style!!

    What a lovely party for your guests, too. Makes me wish I was a friend of Jacks...of course I would have to turn back the clock quite a bit.

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM

    okay, if you want to ebay a camera again, go for the canon powershot a550. it's a good one, i promise. plus, it's 7 megapixels.

    (NOT the a540)

  10. i just bought sew darn cute too!!
    and ack! you came to chicago and didnt visit me???
    i notice you hit ikea tho....


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