Friday, March 27, 2009

Pillow Talk

When I saw Laurie's pillowcase fabric collection I knew I had to show you my own. (That is our reported "compost heap" there in the bottom of the photo. Really we just pile yard waste there and never bother to turn it over so we could actually have dirt, lol. At least it grows the pumpkins and gourds every year.)

Except mine are all pillowcases already, and they are about used to death after us sleeping on them every night for a few years!

I dug nine different prints out of the linen closet and not a single one is the same as Laurie's.

(The pictures are not great, we had crazy 40+ mph winds the day I was trying to photograph them, it was quite a challenge.)
I was over the moon when I found this one with lilacs on it. My grandma has a lilac bush in her yard and just seeing them reminds me of her.
And the yellow lily of the valley are super sweet. My birthday flower. :-)
The clover was a crib sheet I made into pillowcases.
Lavender lily of the valley that is so soft and perfectly faded. This is quite the frugal one since the print is only on one side.
A row of them flapping in the breeze.
And my all time favorite, sweet tiny pink roses. I have a pair of these and they are in dire condition. I am getting afraid to use them and I will be sad when they finally bite the dust.

Pillowcases tend to be super cheap and easy to find. As far as collecting goes they are definitely one of the more useful collections since they are actually used around here.

There is nothing quite like the softness of real cotton that has seen 40+ years of washing is there?


  1. those are all so pretty! I need to dig out some from my stash to replace the ones on our bed. They are only a couple years old, but have already worn out!

  2. I just love those pillow cases fluttering in the breeze! And I can imagine how soft they feel at night. One day maybe I will find some of my own...

  3. hmmm, you actually use your vintage pillowcases as ~ pillowcases? Oddly, I hadn't thought of that! I have a whole collection of them and have been looking for different ideas to use them up. It seriously has never occured to me to put them on our pillows! (smacks forehead with palm). :-)

  4. I love them all. Especially the little roses pillowcase. It reminds me of one of my teacups that I posted on a Pink Saturday two weeks ago. I have a small collection but I haven't used them for a while. Like you, I'm afraid that they too will bite the dust. Oh well, Goodwill is a good source for vintage pillowcases!

    Deanna :D

  5. mmm, i bet they smell good too!

  6. Those are all just beautiful Sarah. Love how pretty they look on your clothesline!

  7. Love the pillowcases all strung on the line. There must have been THOUSANDS of patterns produced...and I think I have liked about every one I have ever seen.

  8. Hi Sarah, I started using my vintage embroidered pillowcase too. They were just languishing in a cabinet. You need a bed and breakfast to showcase all of your beautiful collections...oh, and I love the Jack posts. He is just the perfect boy looking Big Boy! Such a cutie! Vicki at

  9. geez i am so jealous of your pillowcase collection! not a dud in the bunch!

  10. They look so pretty blowing in the breeze, I'd almost hate to take them down, it's picture perfect :)

  11. Perfect! Love all the photos of your collection. Thanks for the peak at them!


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