Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday it was 80 degrees again. Today? Barely 35. Brrrr. Since the daffodils are already up I decided to put some in the house.

Look at my sneaky little bugger there in the corner. He couldn't wait to get his hands on those flowers!
Yesterday he was coloring all over the patio with sidewalk chalk:

"Mom, what color does yellow, orange and green make?"
"I don't know Jack."
"It makes 'bleen' mom."

They are pretty little things, aren't they?

The warm weather can come back any time now. I was getting seriously spoiled there!

We are off to the airport again. My MIL reports that her suitcase weighed 55+ lbs and "she isn't sure she will have anything to wear."


*Even with dishes in the sink you all seemed to like the photos of our kitchen on Flickr. I am trying to forget about things like hairballs and just show our house as it is. Dirty dishrags and all. I will be SO happy when all this visiting is over and we can live like pigs again. Mwwwhahahahaha.


  1. Beautiful daffodils! There's just something quaint and dandy about daffodils. Oh...I love the little surprise in the corner; he's so cute!

  2. I love the daffodils! They're beautiful! :)

    Its about 30 here too, today. Winter has made a rush for it, before spring hits, I suppose!



  3. Our crocus flowers have bloomed as well and just today Katrina picked three to put in a vase. I think I'm going to do the same and take a pic of them. I love the bleen comment!

  4. Love the daffodils - yes, please, save them from the bitter cold!

  5. I love the pic of the daffodils. It's been kinda cold here today too. Brrrr

  6. The spring flowers make me ache for warmer weather!!

    When my son was Jack's age he would only color in yellow. He loved to play the yellow game...that is counting all things that are yellow.

    I am glad that phase is over:)

  7. oh those would brighten my day, too. we didn't have any in the garden and only 4 tulips so i couldn't bear to cut them and bring them inside!

  8. Sure glad you brought them in to enjoy...and your little man is too funny.

  9. I bet bleen is a very interesting color!

  10. I love Bleen! :)

    The jonquils are gorgeous. My birthday flower! :P

    Oh and I didn't know Hallmark was going away! I loved the Feb issue and was looking forward to the next~

  11. bleen, priceless!
    daff's are one of my fave flowers
    what is it about spring flowers? they seem to have such intense scent....


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