Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I love: Collections

Oooof, the visits are over, and I have survived. We are all exhausted, frustrated, and ready to get back to our lives. There are always a million things I could say about visiting with my inlaws, the strained relationships, the drama, etc. but instead, I really want to think about nice things.

Sooooo....spring is a week away. That's wonderful. That also means garage sale season is very, very close here. I've been able to hit the flea market the last two weekends, which makes my little brain start ticking away about the things I want to find this year.

I've recently become TOTALLY obsessed with a photograph over at Buttons Magee . It's that second photo. Isn't it wonderful? I LOVE that seemingly effortless collection of objects.

I took a little tour of the house looking for my own collections of objects. It seems that I am more than a little obsessed with that idea, since nearly everything in my house is a collection of objects.

Let's look at a few:
I was at the thrift a few weeks ago when I spotted these three small apothecary jars. I debated about buying just one (what am I going to do with three?), but bought all three. I need better filler for them, but they are perfect for those shelves.
(The ever messy kitchen! LOL) The past two weekends at the flea I have added to the vintage tin collection above the cabinets. Last weekend I bought the strawberry picnic basket, this weekend the bread box with the red lid. (You can click to enlarge them).
There is always the quilt cabinet bursting with goodness.
Ahhhhh, my vintage mirrors. Not that this is all of them, they are all over the house. I never intended to fill up the entire wall, but last weekend at the flea I bought that round one on the far right. For me it really brought new life to the mirrors and I am on the hunt for another to fill the space the below the round one.
Floral platters. I find these things EVERYWHERE and always think what on earth do I need more of them for? So I decided to hang them up in my tiny bathroom. (Weird, I know, platters in the bathroom. I don't have a lot of wall space in the kitchen because of all the cabinets.)
The green frame in this photo is the frame that started the whole collection.
I wish there were a better way to take a photo of them, but the hallway is so narrow! I keep thinking the hallway is full, but this week I managed to squeeze three more in there. And I see spaces for more. HAHAHA!
I also recently plopped all of my glass garlands into this huge jar where I can enjoy them altogether.

How about you? Have any photos in blogland that you have recently become obsessed with? Have you started thinking about how to translate that into your own living spaces?


  1. Love all the collections! Gets me inspired!

  2. For me the photo I can't stop looking at is actually some clothing from BHG March 2009 (page 114 if you're interested. :) I don't know what I love about it so much but I've had it ripped out for weeks now and I just keep staring. Not sure what I'm hoping will happen, but right now it's just pretty. :)

    PS--I'd love to see another photo of the valance over your kitchen window. Is that made of a tablecloth? Love the tins!

  3. I love all the cute things in your home! that latter is SO cool. I'm still drooling over that door at the end of your hall too. (You've posted a picture of it before.)
    Glad the stress of your company has passed. ;)

    PS- I don't think we'll be getting a cat. I'll for sure be asking you questions if we continue to pursue that option. Thanks for your input!

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  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Your house looks so fun! I especially love the quilt collection and love love love the frames in the hallway! If we didn't rent and have to protect walls etc etc I would have stuff all over my walls.

  6. as always, I am in love with your quilts. I have yet to find even one in my thrifting adventures...the search continues...

  7. Your house looks so beautiful it belongs in a magazine! And to thing a spirited little boy lives there! Amazing! I'm in love with your tin collection, I have a space like that above my cabinets and I'm never happy with the way it looks (cluttered). I im going to keep an eye out for some beautiful tins now!

  8. I don't have a space above my cabinets, I have a soffit and aI HATE it. I can hang things up there, but I could put so much mor up there if I could put my STUFF up there.

    I have so many collections, it isn't evern funny. I've often said that I collect collections. Pottery, tablecloths, holdiay, rabbits, some chickens, African American Memorbilia, yadda yadda. I could go on and on. In fact, I have!

    PS - I will get you some better filler for those jars this week if they are still there.

  9. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I love your kitchen and the rest of your house with all it's vintage goodness!

  10. HEY - I think I recognize that little blue cannister in your kitchen!! ;-)
    Your collection are displayed Great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I love seeing your house pictures. It's glorious. I'm coveting your kitchen canisters and tins. I think I'll go obsess about that picture. (p.s. glad you survived the ILs)

  12. Love all of your collections!
    The quilts, the mirors, the platters,...I don't think I could pick a favorite. :)

    I am sooooo ready for spring! Let the yard sales begin!


  13. love the pix of your home
    adore the white cake tin with the floral decal
    and i think the platters look fab in your bathroom!

  14. Did you see the article in this months Country Living on those eggs?

  15. Everything is so lovely. You've made such a good and wonderful home for Jack. I love the vintage in your house.

  16. I just came over from Eileen's Attic...and I have to say you have a great the collections (especially the quilt cabinet)...and love your fabric stash as well!


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