Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hopping down the bunny trail

I know that some of you have hardly had a chance to look at yesterday's post, but Good Friday is already tomorrow and I have a few more Easter posts in que I need to get going on!

How about a look at some of the Easter stuff before it all gets put away?

It seems like just a few years ago I hardly had any Easter stuff. Somehow (cough) I now have a metric ton of it, so I tried to pick things I hadn't shown before. Maybe.
These are new this year, a set of nesting rabbits. I might not have bought it, but when I picked it up it seemed like the bunnies just kept coming and coming. The last one is the size of a thimble!
A jar full of blown eggs. Some are the last remaining ones from when I lived in Florida, some were picked up by the dozen at a yard sale. It's incredibly hard to keep these things from year to year, they are so fragile.
A jar with a nesting robin.
Those tiny apothecary jars refilled with eggs from the wreath project. And a little bit of one of Jack's Easter preschool crafts on the kitchen window.
I have some old Easter die cuts that I really, really am crazy about. The colors are wonderful.
I always put different die cuts in the hallway frames for each holiday.
And now I REALLY need to paint that hallway because there are a million pinholes!
The wire tree that never, ever photographs well. We used to have a wonderful holiday store on main street where Dave would buy me little glass ornaments for the holidays. I put them on this tree, where they are up high and safe. Bunnies, ducks, fuzzy lambs, and a chick or two. The little ducks are my favorite.
An old honeycomb Easter bunny head complete with interesting reflections from the mirrors.
A peek inside the big Easter feather tree.
And the whole thing.

In years past I have been a lot more rigid about what I put on the small holiday trees - all wooden ornaments, all striped eggs, etc. But I liked the Valentine tree so much this year with a big mish mash of stuff that I just started putting everything that didn't have a home on the tree. The scherenschnitte (papercut) eggs, some honeycomb eggs I found this year, tiny wooden ornaments, plastic lambs that were old light covers, tiny chenille chicks, and some larger hallmark ornaments that Jack picked up at a yard sale.

I think I like it a lot better this way.

Ok, Jack and I have to take some eggs to church for the egg hunt, and he wants to play Pat the Postman, so I had better get on it.

I will try and take a second to go back and label the previous years Easter trees so you can click on the label at the bottom of the post to see them all.

And I will be back soon with this years visit to the Easter bunny!


  1. I love those little wooden ornaments. I have a metric ton of those myself. More than I can ever display. But, I love them. Next year I plan on pouring them into a big jar so at least I can see them.

    What shall we do when the Easter decorations come down????

  2. very pretty decorations....wish I was more organized to decorate.

  3. Beautiful decorations Sarah! Thanks for sharing this year -- especially for those of us who are too lazy to drag out our own LOL!

  4. Your decorations look great! I suck and didnt even get anything out. What's the point now? We will still color eggs and I need to get the baskets out, but that's about it.

    How do you store your blown eggs? I've blown a couple of the blue eggs we got from our chickens and have no idea how to store these things.

    Also, I have a quilt question for you. I stopped at the thrift where I got the other two quilts at today, and they had two more. One was covered in large arrows with a really wild assortment of colors (yellow, green, hot pink, orange...). Each large square had two different colors, one for the arrow and one for the background. And the other had women on it. I dont know how to describe them, but I know I've seen it before. Ever seen anything like these? I didnt buy them, BTW.

  5. People think 'clowns' are creepy? I have no problem with clowns but that 'old honeycomb rabbit head'... - now THAT is creepy 8-)!!

    FUN! decorations - nice job.

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  7. Great Easter stuff, but that picture of Jack is just too cute!

  8. Hi! I discovered your blog several months ago, and have been lurking ever since! Love your Easter decorations, and those apothecary jars. I've just started collecting them myself. I just finished reading all of your old posts, and you sure do have good luck finding quilts and tablecloths! And your son is super-cute!

  9. ok, i know my mind is always in the gutter...but what exactly is pat the postman and why would I want my children to play that? Makes me think of the dude in old town who has the stuffed yak (I think it is a yak) at Christmas, and asks all the little ones if they want to pet his yak.

  10. Everything looks so pretty! Love the easter trees:)

  11. Your home just shines! So much creativity and festivity. What a place to grow up!

  12. I'm crazy about those die-cuts too - I like the idea of framing them. Also glad to hear other people have walls with a million tiny holes.

  13. Did that seasonal shop close on Main street? I use to get Radko ornaments at a christmas shop there. Is that the same store?

  14. I am literally swooning! I adore the die cuts precious!

    Deanna :D

  15. Gorgeous decorations, Sarah. The blown eggs are stunning in your glass display. Have a wonderful Easter.


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