Friday, April 17, 2009


I have had this nice little post composed in my head for a few days about rescuing. I was going to tell you about how I found this old duvet cover in the thrift store with these HUGE HIDEOUS white patches on it, but after some poking around I decided that the original fabric was pretty well intact under the patches and so I bought it for a dollar thinking I could just remove those big white patches and rescue it.
And then I did just that, even though it took nearly 3 hours to get all of that ugly white stuff removed (she had REALLY sewn it on there! lines of stitching every six inches, oy vey). And how underneath that ugly white stuff (which was on both sides), there was just one small tear.
And I couldn't imagine why she had covered up this perfectly beautiful aqua fabric that way. And how I was glad I took the time to rescue it.
And then I was prepared to tell you that in a true "sign of the times" I have taken to patching Jack's jeans, rescuing them for a few months worth of use until it is warm enough for shorts. And how this is the first time I have actually patched clothing in something like 15 years, despite being thrifty. (And how Jack will wear them, but he says he will NOT wear them to school. How early it starts.)

And then I was going to tell you that we are going camping this weekend. And even though the forecast says it will rain I am desperately looking forward to the break from cooking and cleaning and nagging. Time to sit with our friends and their kids and cook out and maybe do some reading and some hand sewing and some fishing and some hiking and on and on.

And so yesterday I decided I had better take down the Easter stuff before we left and I needed just one more bin for the big foil bunny Dave bought me this year so Jack and I trotted off to Target to get the job done.

And then it all fell apart.

As it turns it out was *me* that was going to be in need of rescuing.

On the way to Target some totally crazy broad decided to make a right hand turn from the left lane and came smashing into my minivan.

I pulled into a bank parking lot, made sure the Jack attack was ok and got out of the van. And the next thing I know said crazy broad is in my face, screaming and crying and flailing and wailing and it was like nothing I have ever seen before.

That combined with her having just smashed into my car WITH MY CHILD IN IT sent me into overdrive. I am normally a pretty damn laid back person. It takes a lot to get me "het up" if you know what I mean. I was just trying to get to a phone to call the police (I don't have a cell phone) and she wouldn't stop her carrying on in front of Jack, so I started to yell and throw around a few choice words and then I went inside a bank to get someone to call the police. (It really triggered some sort of mother bear thing for me and her carrying on about her own 2 year old did not help. Does she act like that in front of her toddler? Good lord.)

She carried on inside the bank so much that I am sure people thought they were being robbed. The manager came running out yelling about calming down and finally dialed 911.

Thank goodness the very nice man behind me had stopped and waited with me for the police. I am not sure I could have handled all that craziness by myself.

And of COURSE, she is uninsured (yes, you are required to have it by law, but the law really does not enforce that here). Knowing she was uninsured she called here like 16 times yesterday, which makes me insane. (And to add insult to injury in all of her carrying on in the bank she said she had just had an accident last week! WTF?)

So, my car is smashed, Jack's car seat needs to be replaced, and my back is hurting a bit still. But we are ok. (And really, she turned it into SO much more drama than it needed to be.)

And with that, we are still going camping, and I have absolutely NOTHING together. And only about 3 hours to get it all together.

Here's hoping it goes smoother than the trip to Target.


  1. Really hope you guys are ok. What a bummer. Hope the camping trip goes well - may be a good way to put all of this behind you!

  2. Oh my goodness. That's awful. You poor thing. Poor Jack to witness that behavior. Here's to hoping for a much better stress-free weekend!!

  3. Oh man, the accident was bad enough, but you and J didn't need the drama too. Before I even got to reading much I had already guessed she was uninsured...grrrrrrrrrr. Glad you both are okay and are heading to mother nature for some of her special healing.

  4. Oh honey, I'm so sorry! I am glad that you & Jack were not hurt though. Accidents SUCK. I've been in 5 so far (driving for 2) and they scare the crap out of me.


  5. I hope you guys are okay. I had one wreck - hit by an uninsured teenager - I felt fine and thne a week later, my back seized up and I had to crawl around the house. So, watch out for yourself. I hydoplaned one other time and hit a utility pole; having my kid with me was terrifying. So, I completely understand how you feel. Take care of yourself and have fun camping. (I am so not a camping kind of gal).

  6. Last year I got rear ended while waiting for a pedistrian to cross the street (yeah good times) and of course she lady was uninsured -which here in WI it's a law too- yeah still haven't gotten anything from her- imagine that. Hope your camping trip goes well, and you get to relax. We plan on going later this month, you know when the temp gets over 60.

  7. You. Need. A. Rest. Glad you're ok. Hope you have a relaxing camp-out, in spite of it all.

  8. I have a bottle of Maragrita's you can take camping with you!

    I'm just glad you tow are okay. So sorry that the drama queeen that hit you.

    Take a ponco too camping....

  9. Wait, all of this happened and you still managed to post other pictures? I'm amazed. Also glad you're OK, and sorry that it happened. If we're going to get hit, why can't it be by a millionaire who just wants to keep it quiet instead of a crazy uninsured person? (Me and my car? A guy three days out of jail, long ago.)

  10. Glad you guys are ok! What a bummer that she has no insurance, ARRGG! Love the Duvet rescue, so pretty, worth the work! Have a great camping trip!!

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Oh yikes! That is terrible! I hope the camping is relaxing, it sounds like you need it!

  12. I am glad you guys are ok...and I hope you enjoy the camping trip. Can't wait to see the patch you come up with for your van.... and I'm really sorry you had to deal with that lady.

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm glad you guys are okay.

  14. I am so sorry that happened to you. I got rear ended by an uninsured driver last year. He wasn't driving his own car either. We thought about going after the owner of the car to get our deductible back. When we googled her it turned out she lived a block from my school and has an asault record. She chased and then stabbed her neighbor. So, we just paid the deductible and thank God that we are not her neighbor.

    Hope nature inspires memories of the good in this world.

  15. What a scary situation! I am glad you stayed calm and got help and hope your back is feeling better soon, even with camping (and sleeping in a tent?). And still you posted pictures!!
    (I patch JT's pants, too, but he seems to like that.)

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. I'm glad you guys are okay, though!

    Enjoy your weekend and the much needed R&R!

    I love the pretty blue fabric. Great find!

  17. Oh my gosh, Sarah. Thank God you guys are okay. I'm so sorry about the nutter. I hope your insurance takes good care of you guys. xx

  18. I LOVE that duvet cover. so great!! hope the camping helps get things back to normal!

  19. I'd seen some of this on FB, but reading the whole post really makes me hope you guys have a great weekend camping. Relax, enjoy, and don't think about the crazy lady!

  20. Thank goodness you two are ok! How scary. Both the accident and the other driver! :/

    Hope your camping trip was relaxing and fun!

  21. oh man. i'm glad you guys are okay. I know what you mean about mother hen. I don't get mad often but you come within a hair's length of hurting my kid, and i get riled. Don't settle with her. She needs punishment from not having insurance. The reason people usually don't have insurance is because they are bad drivers. Plus, if you settle and have pain later on, there's nothing you can do. I learned that the hard way when something that seemed like a little thing turned into surgery years later. Have fun camping you daring woman. ;-)

  22. Holy cannoli! Drama bothers me almost as much as her being uninsured. Argh.

    Take care of yourself. I hope your body stops aching. Have fun!

  23. good grief! that lady sounds out of control. i'm mad at her just reading about it!!!

    on another note, i could really use some pants patches in my house. boys are hard. on. pants!!!

  24. Wow! At least you can write about it.


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