Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Totally random

We are sick. You know how much I hate coughing.

I have nothing of interest to say except did you all see this scherenschnitte video on Craft today?

Totally freaking awesome.

And the music is pretty rockin' too.

Except when I do that here it looks nothing like that. It looks a lot more like a crazy woman trying to do very difficult cutting while a 4 year old is bouncing around on the couch like it's a trampoline. Throw in lots of "you're going to poke your eye out" and "one of us is going to get hurt" and there you have it.

And no, I did not curse at you. :-) I just think the fancy pants German word is more fun than "papercutting."

Before I go back to my self imposed exile I have a question. Does anyone have a kid that has a favorite gadgety type learning toy that might work for my kid too? LOL Jack has a v smile and a my first leap pad but he is well beyond those already. I am thinking maybe a leapster?

It's hard to find toys for him right now that are stimulating enough and yet age appropriate*. Most of the stuff marketed to his age is WAY too easy, but the stuff marketed to the next age level is too mature for a 4 year old.

Does that even make sense?

It's a bit of an issue with board games too. The only suitable one I can find right now is Monopoly Jr. Oy.

*He can read around a first grade level and do simple math.


  1. That video made my whole day. Thanks for the link.

  2. That video was awesome, cool music. I've never heard of her.
    Get well soon, the warm weather is coming your way!!!!

  3. Layla has a Leapster and likes it pretty good. She also has a Nintendo DS and does good with it. I got her a Leapfrog Didj for her birthday this weekend. Its like $60 at Target, but Walmart had them for $29.99 and there was a printable $20 coupon. I think there is a $10 one right now.

  4. Between the ages of 4 and 5 I found to be difficult to find toys that are not to "Baby" and not to mature. Sorry I am no help.

  5. Hey sweetie, sorry you are not feeling well and that's I've been absent. Drop me a line when you are feeling better.


  6. So sorry to hear you guys are sick!! We are too and its a miserable wet itchy cough(not a regular cold at all). Can't help with the toy thing, mine were all "outside" kids at that age and hated the LeapPad. Sigh.


  7. that video is amazing - such a clever simple idea. Thanks for the link and hope everyone is healthy soon!

  8. I have to check out that video. Thanks for the link. As for a game, have you tried Uno Attack? It's your regular Uno game, which I am sure Jack can handle, but it has this cool card thing that shoots out cards randomly. When you get a "draw" card you push a button and the machine may give you one or ten or none. It's very exciting. I think it's pretty awesome for anyone who knows numbers and colors 4-99!

  9. Leapster Rocks! My kids have had them several years now & still play them a ton. Check around Craigslist for a game lot to get lots of options quick without paying $25 per game. He's the perfect age for it. My Kindergarten boy loves the Batman game. Some of the questions are hard but he just gets to guess and try again if he gets it wrong. Even the easier preschool games are still fun.

  10. Hi Sarah, sorry y'all aren't feeling well. Wished I lived close enough to bring you all some delicious soup that would knock that cough outta left field!

    Thanks for the link to the video. I'm sending it to my sis.

    Deanna :D

  11. I'm no help on the tech toys, but Hi-Ho Cheerio is a good board game for that age. I personally liked Candyland, but no one else in my family could stand it, and I felt silly playing it by myself. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. I've got a deep cough down in my chest too. I went to buy cough syrup today and I ended up buying one that said, "FOR CHESTY COUGH." I think I have my stripper name now.....

  13. go to best school supply in O'F many boardgames that deal with so many different levels, themes, etc. We've had the most luck electronically with the computer. I can search anything and come up with a game. I googled "knight addition" and there was a game. I googled Clifford reading or something and discovered the motherload at scholastic. Type in construction and spelling and there you go. I have yet to run out of free stuff...we have a leapster, and the boys kinda fade in an out with it. They never liked the v-smile (someone gave us one so we just gave it away too).

  14. jerrett had a leap pad with the books and loved it for a good few months. he still uses a V-tech Tilt ( I did not pay that much for it! I think I got it for $30 at Walmart. this "game" has games like match words to pictures, capital letters, what letters are missing in a word, etc. plus there's regular games like "drive the car" and a maze that you tilt the game to make the ball roll. jerrett's been playing with this one for almost 4 years now. they make other versions of this game too

  15. Paulette in WV6:27 AM

    I work in early childhood and for many of the brighter students we serve, I find that higher end building materials (legos) and building models (the dinos, ships, etc) go over really well. When he finds something (anything from ants to a building construction site) that interests him, letting him ask questions that HE wants to know, then just giving him tools to figure it out, will really broaden learning.

    The best electronic games are available online, usually for free.

    BTW, I just love your site, and the vintage items in your life.

  16. Ugh for the coughing...hope you feel better pronto!

    I'm afraid I'm not much help with the toys - we just moved into simple games with Peter. The past couple of months have been the first time that we could explain the rules and he would understand. And Ned is at about the same level. Good luck though!

  17. Scrabble Junior.....I'm not sure on the age of this game but if he can read at a first grade level you might give it a try. My oldest loved it and my four year old girl can sort of play it. It has pictures and words on the board and you score little "chips" for making a word. It's fun for us! I'll keep thinking.

  18. We LOVE our Leapsters! Ben is 6 and Carter is 3 1/2 and they both have one. There are lots of great games and they make long car rides much more bearable!
    As for board games, Carter is into Candyland & Chutes and Ladders (both probably too young for Jack), but Ben really really LOVES Connect Four and he caught on quickly. In fact, if I'm not paying attention he'll beat me every. single. time. He's been playing it for a little over a year now. He also started playing checkers around that age. Good Luck!!

  19. Oh you poor have this terrible cough, too. :(
    Miserable, isn't it? Robitussen quiets it for a while, but makes me sleep like 18 hrs in the day.
    Feel better soon.

    My niece just turned 5 and loves her small hand-held Nintendo. (sorry, don't know what its called)
    She has a couple word/spelling type games for it.

    Kimberly :)

  20. You were not kidding about that video...I needed that so much you do not know! Thanks for the link!


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