Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Write this down

Jack and his security blanket, "dandy", have been inseperable for years. Dandy has riden his bike, played in the sand box, gone on vacations, been through potty training, and been in bed with him every single night since he was less than a year old. Dandy is the reason we dumped our first preschool program. (They were NOT dandy friendly.)

Dandy has been the best friend a boy could have.
Every time I took Jack to school I would leave him there, holding Dandy, and would pick him up in the afternoon and find him still holding Dandy. This year when school started I put Dandy in his backpack so he could get it if he wanted it, but it would be a little more "out of sight, out of mind".

He has needed it a few times, but less than a handful of times at that.

Last Friday we were running terribly late to school and Dandy was left at home for the first time. Jack worried about it a little on the way, but when we picked him up from school in the afternoon he proudly reported, "I didn't need Dandy today!"

Which was followed immediately by, "Mom, did you bring Dandy for sleeping while we are camping?"

Of course I did baby.
So this morning we are getting ready for school and I asked Jack to stuff Dandy in his backpack.

He didn't do it.

I asked again.

He answered with, "Mom, I don't think I need Dandy for school today."

So Jack is at school today without Dandy.

And while I am super, super proud of him* this mama needs a minute to compose herself.

*And of us too to be honest. I still sucked my thumb when I was 12, clearly Jack is feeling very secure.


  1. Doesn't it just break your heart when your "baby" outgrows those things...I know it makes ya proud too, but for me it was always realizing that I was never going to have all those ever i totally don't miss lugging a huge diaper bag everywhere anymore...but I still do have one that stays int he car with a change of clothes, medicine and sunscreen....for my 5 year old...silly I know :) But it helps me think she depends on me for every little thing even though I know she doesn't.

  2. aaawww, how sweet. Ben still has his "bebe" and while its not allowed to leave the car anymore (after a frantic search at the West Marine store in downtown Seattle), he still pretty much takes it everywhere. I think I'll be devestated when he no longer needs his bebe. *snif snif*

  3. Aw that is cute. Some days I wish I had a dandy to bring to work.

  4. *sniff* that's sweet.

    My 13 year old slept with a piece of her blanket for years -- she still has it, in a little firesafe box in her room.

    And Fidge has a 17" square "doh-doh" she takes to school for naptime. It's all fine by me. When they do grow out of it, it's a little sad for momma, I agree.

  5. Love the dandy story. My daughter Kate (now 15) had a blankie which unravelled until it was just pieces. She would carry them around with her and suck her two fingers. I could not get her to give it up. In second grade she really wanted a pair of expensive shoes. I told her I would buy the shoes if she would give me blankie - she got the shoes, gave up blankie and never asked for it again. Worth the price tag of the shoes!

  6. They grow up fast, don't they?

  7. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Oh Lord thats so cute.

  8. I am so proud of him! I like all the dandy pictures! I am quite sure dandy will always be in his life in some way or another.

  9. :) Moosie has his 'yack yankie'. Before he could speak, his sign for it was holding his arm up high above his head. A boy and his blankie...such sweetness. Even sweeter when they get to decide they are ready to leave it behind...

  10. My oldest had a Lolly and my youngest had a raggy...I cried when they out grew them...I still have them and my youngest is 23.
    Jack's getting to be a big's a happy sad time,huh?

  11. aaawwww...that's the sweetest story. My girls still have blankets with them at night. Emma even took her blanket to China last year when we adopted Josie. We all need a little Dandy. I'm thinking a Dandy might make my work day go better.

  12. Way to go Jack! I had my own "Blankie" for sleeping until I was 12. As soon as I got to college I got attached to my comforter and still sleep with "Woobie" today. My husband has gotten used to it.

  13. Awwww, that's a tear-jerker Sarah. I'm sure you'll give Dandy a place of honor now -- he's served Jack well -- now maybe you can use him! ;-)

  14. I know exactly how you feel. They grow much too fast! This morning I gave my younger son his last bottle of formula - he's going to be one tomorrow. When I was rinsing the bottle after he finished, the tears just started flowing. It seems like one more step away from his babyhood. I'm looking forward to watching him grow & discover & become his own person, but it still makes me sad to let go of time.

  15. Good job to all of you! It is a big day. Thank you for sharing.

  16. How cute! That's a big boy. Sometimes I wish they'd just stay small.
    I tell my kids that all the time, Hannah tells me, "I'll stop eating my vegetables so I can stop growing."

  17. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I put my only baby (age 17) on his first airplane ride this morning. He flew to Stanford University. This is in preparation for the Fall semester.
    I think I need "Dandy" today. sniff sniff.

    a mom in California

  18. My oldest daughter had a "Baby Bear" that went everywhere with her. My husband was heartbroken the first time I took a picture of all our kids and there was no little yellow "baby" in it.

  19. That picture of him with the dandy is just too cute! And now he is really growing up. Hmm, my son just recently became attached to a panda bear, (he liked to do things on his own schedule) but still it is a very mild attachment. I, on the other hand, also sucked my thumb until I was about 5 (then my parents doused my thumb with tabasco sauce - ouch!).

  20. While it is wonderful little Jack feels so secure, I know you, as his doting mum, probably worried about him all day! It is a bit sad when they abandon their "baby habits".

    He is one sweetie, that's for sure!


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