Monday, May 04, 2009

Children of the corn

Well hello again.

It's unusual for me to be away from here for so long. There is all at once a lot going over here and nothing going on over here if that makes any sense. I have been totally engrossed in my latest quilting project and I am cooking up a surprise or two.

But that will have to wait!
I walked past this thing like 4 times at the thrift before I decided to buy it. Sometimes I have a hard time getting past what something looks like *right now*. And right then it was totally '80's.
Complete with children of the corn. (And extra stinky dead flowers, I am not a fan of dried eucalyptus.)

So I pulled all that stuff off, scraped off the glue, sanded and sanded and then painted the bottom.
I had been waiting for inspiration to strike as to what to put in the thing before I showed it to you, but, I've waited too long already. So let's try a few things out.

A pile of antlers? They need to be fidgeted with more and they need more in there, but Jack was all up in my business by the time I got to the antlers and I was having visions of disaster.

Besides, they are just *eh* to me in this way.
How about a pink milk glass pot with an African violet?

A big beautiful pink conch shell?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, closer. Love the pink with the blue. Love something oceany. Could be bigger though. (Except it is already so wide that it just barely fits, so a bigger shell would likely be too wide.)

What would you put in there?


  1. I've been buying those 1980's cloche thingamabobs too. I haven't painted my bases yet, but I plan on painting them white.

    I currently have one full of the eggs (like I swapped you) topped off with a bluebird. Although, it wasn't easy getting the bird on top when you have to fill from the bottom! I am starting tomato plants under the rest.

    I kinda like the corn people in my fall decor....

  2. Love it. I think you should put moss in it and make a moss terrarium like this one:[]=tags&includes[]=title

  3. shrunken head, maybe?

  4. Too funny- children of the corn. I love the shell in it myself.

  5. So cool. I wouldn't have seen past the '80s country. Maybe next time I will! I think one of your white trees would be great at Christmas...ooh! What about a cut out pic of Jack in black and white in some moss with a few mushrooms? I am thinking of those cute jars with baby angel pictures I have seen around blogland.

  6. Ahhh the children of the corn. You're cracking me up. I'm thinking the antlers say, hey if you think this interesting come look in my creepy woodshed. What about about a bird. Fake, just in case my creepy shed thing got you all flustered. Or some pictures and some buttons or milenary flowers.

  7. I have one of those dealies that I change out for the seasons (or whenever I feel like it). Right now it has sheet moss kind of bunched up in it with a little bird nest holding two tiny blue eggs in it. Love it! I got the moss, bird nest and eggs at JoAnns for about $4.00 total. This fall I'll put some fall leaves in it and stack some jack-be-little pumpins on top. And then I'll get to decide on Christmas!! such fun! (at least for a dork like me!)

  8. A Cupcake! (Children of the corn have a sweet tooth.)

  9. I hope this link works:
    I think you might have to cut and paste it. Extremely cute cloche. I tried to e-mail you back about the folding manger yesterday but Yahoo says you don't exist. I was sorry to hear that. (I'll try again later.)

  10. I have a little bird's nest that fell out of a tree in one, and a little doll from Czechoslovakia in another, but I change them all the time. I'm wondering what happened to the children of the corn. You never did say...

  11. Glad you gussied up the glass choche. I think I had that EXACT cornhusk doll way back when. (mine was not under glass) Takes me back....


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