Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Only at my house?

A few days ago we were in Jack's room doing some cleaning.

Dave "Do you smell burning rubber in here?"
Me "Ummm, not really."
Dave "I keep smelling burning rubber in here."

I promptly forgot about it and we cleaned the house. (Top to bottom type cleaning, dusting, vaccuuming, etc. This will be important in a minute.)

Yesterday I am futzing around on the couch and out comes Dave.

Dave "Dear, I found the source of the burning rubber smell."
Me "Oh yea?"
Dave "Finding Nemo underwear on the chandelier."


Yes, we have fancy chandeliers in every room. And yes, we apparently have underwear hanging from them. (That we never notice.)


  1. Don't even tell me whats hanging from the light fixture in your room. LOL

  2. At least they were Jack's and not Dave's! TMI!

  3. Oh wow, that was so funny!! I want to hear Jack's explanation for that one!

  4. That's priceless. Why didn't you share pictures of the underwear too? hee hee.

  5. That made me laugh out loud :)

    Isn't it funny what kids do when your not looking, I'm always finding stuff in the oddest places

  6. oh, no, not only at your house!!! You made my day with the laugh I got on that !!

  7. ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!! That's too funny!

  8. hehe, they were jacks underwear, right???

  9. You crack me up.


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