Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you Karma

I'm telling you, there is some kind of weird quilt karma going on with me the past two years. I have no idea why they keep coming to me, but they do.

And it's wonderful!

(And here I thought I really loved the tablecloths. The quilts are completely stealing my passion and adoration.)
One day last week I had been having a rough day with Jack, so after dinner I took off to hit the thrift. There was a wicked storm rolling in so I was really rushing. I first fingered this beautiful, buttery yellow quilt and left it there. On first glance I assumed it was just a commercial quilt.
But it was SO soft and I loved the scalloped edge so much. I figured for 6 bucks I would just cuddle it on the couch or use it as a picnic blanket or something.

Then I noticed this eagle in the corners. Do you see it? The head is pointing to the upper left corner, wings pointing to the upper right and lower left corners.

Upon closer inspection I found a seam in the middle from piecing fabric and all of those teeny tiny stitches are definitely done by hand. (You can see knots and irregularities.) Maybe it's from the 1970's, when Americana was all the rage? Colors seem wrong for that, but it is lovely.
On Saturday morning we went to another city wide garage sale. This time it was in St Louis instead of the country, so not nearly as enjoyable as the last one we went to.

We went to a gazillion garage sales and this is all I bought. This quilt is SO heavy.

The colors are wonderful and I LOVE the stars she has put in the middle of the plates.
There are loads of great 1930's/1940's novelty prints here.
It seems a bit strange that she used a fan quilting pattern on a plate applique, but whatever. :-)

And although the blue looks like a solid color, it is actually the tiniest blue and white stripe.


So, Thank you Karma for giving me two beautiful new quilts to take the place of the one that is going to a new home!

I had Jack pick a number and he choose number 72, which is Rosemary ! I know she will give that turquoise beauty and good home.

Thank you to everyone who played along and sent burfday wishes. It definitely brightened my day.


  1. I thought the old rule was, every time you bring something home, you get rid of one thing. Not get rid of one thing and bring home two! You are the Quilt Queen, and I bow down to you!

  2. Wow, give one away and gain two - awesome, lol! Those are REALLY lovely!

  3. Both of the quilts are lovely. I love the hidden eagle. My Great Aunt made the Bean a quilt when he was born. She hid images and words in the stitching. It is still fun to see what we can find hidden in the quilt all these years later!

  4. i have never found a quilt that i didn't think was machine-made. then again, i don't really know where to look. but you have a great eye for that! happy late birthday!

  5. oh geez can i borrow your quilt karma when you are done wiff it?? i have never scored anything like that at a garage sale!!
    awesome. they are both beautiful

  6. I've never seen stars in the middle of a dresden plate. I love this! They are so so so cute.


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