Monday, June 29, 2009

Apple seed necklaces

Yesterday we took Jack to the "beach" at a local state park late in the afternoon since our heat wave finally broke.

I enjoyed a library book on a new to me thrift store quilt that has been deemed the "picnic blanket". (Only because most of the colored squares are polyester or upholstery fabric.)
Jack enjoyed a warm swim in the lake in his clothes.
And we watched the moon rise as the sun got lower.
Instead of doing any type of patriotic decorating this summer I have been adding some "natural" touches to the house here and there.

Over the weekend I picked up three apple seed necklaces and knew immediately they were destined for a garland. I LOVED those type of necklaces when I was small after I discovered them when my Dad's best friend brought me home one as a souvenir from a trip to Hawaii. (Wow, my mirror is seriously dirty.)
I LOVE their dark lacy shapes and the soft green velvet ribbon on the chippy white mantel.

I will be back with a few other "natural" decorating projiks this week!

EDITED TO ADD: When I was searching around the 'net yesterday before I made this post I tried to figure out what the seeds were. When I searched "seed lei" Koa seeds came up, but none of the pictures really looked like these. When I searched "seed necklace" a lot of hits for apple seed necklaces (vintage) came up, and they all looked like this. One of these does have an old paper tag on it, but it is unreadable. I suspect that one of the references is incorrect, either koa or apple, but it's impossible to tell given that everything on the internet seems to use both names. As a kid I always thought they were apple, despite the fact that it would take a coon's age to get that many apple seeds. So, apple it is, at least for the blog.


  1. Great idea for your apple seed necklaces. I can't wait to see your other decorating ideas. We're back from vacation (I'll be shaking out sand from our clothes for weeks) and I'm catching up on my favorite blogs.

  2. I never knew those were apple seed necklaces. You taught me something today!

  3. When I was a 5-yr-old we lived with a huge persimmon tree in the front yard. My dad drilled tiny holes in the seeds to make necklaces that my mom designed and sold at art and craft shows.

    At some point I took a handful and painted on them(the seeds, not the necklaces). I had the Beatles, a rainbow, dog and cat faces, lady bugs, etc. Still have them in a tiny zip bag somewhere. I would LOVE to have a supply of those seeds again, they'd make gorgeous garlands!

  4. My grandparents went to Hawaii quite often when we were kids. When Kerry amd I had troubles conceiving they gave us one of those necklaces and they called it a fertility necklace? I love that you used them as garland though. Cute.

  5. Boy, you're right -- that would be a LOT of apples. They look great as a garland!


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