Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A country quilt cabinet makeover

In it's original "glory", a $15 field find. No shelves, doors flopping all over the place.
Complete with the nasty, hardest to remove flocked wallpaper inside the drawers and hideous gold hardware. I don't think it had been touched since the 1960's.
Add a fresh coat of a vintage looking green paint (Martha from Lowes, I wanted a color that would look original to the quilts I planned to put inside).

Ok, really it is 2 coats of stinky primer and at least 3 coats of paint. And a LOT of hours. I had to repaint every square inch, inside and out.
Plus some chicken wire in the doors. (Had to drive all over the city to find chicken wire, it took 5 stores to finally find some.)

And glass knobs of course.

The hole in the door under the knob is an old skeleton key lock that someone had filled with spackle at some point. I gauged all of that out, but the keyhole itself is not a pretty shape.
Add a pile of old quilts and voila! (I am still playing around with the quilts. It's not quite right yet.)
A new country quilt cabinet for the bedroom.
With "new" old wallpaper in the drawer of course.

Thank you very much to my patient husband who never once said this thing should just be burned. Instead he patiently glued and hammered it back together and cut all the shelves to repair it.

$15 cabinet
$6 primer
$13 quart of paint
$10 way more chicken wire than I will need in this lifetime
$25 glass knobs from Target
Shelving, wallpaper on hand

A bit pricey in the end, but it makes my heart sing! and it's much needed storage for the ever growing quilt collection. (Which had taken over the kitchen drawers and railings in unattractive piles.)

*Yes, the tv is on top of it. Not exactly home magazine worthy, but this is real life here, I watch 90210 there. :-)


  1. So worth it! Love the color!!!!

  2. This turned out beautiful, lovely color choice:)

  3. That turned out beautifully! I love everything about it!

  4. beautiful! go to cousin charlies next time you need chicken wire. ;)

  5. It's absolutely beautiful. The color is perfect. It looks like it was well-worth all the hardwork.

  6. lovely! and even better is that you and hubby resurrected it.

  7. Worth every penny and all of the effort - it's perfect!

  8. It turned out great Sarah. I'm surprised you had trouble finding chicken wire -- you'd think with the popularity of home chicken coops that that stuff would be all over!

  9. Glad to see I'm not the only one watching that show! The cabinet looks great!

  10. Anonymous9:09 PM

    What a pretty shade of green! The price added up but it's still pretty cheap when you end up with something so nice!

  11. What a great make over. Looks fabulous

  12. Anonymous6:33 AM

    What a fantastic makeover!!!

    I would leave one of the doors open (if possible) and hang a quilt over it. You could then rotate your collection to display a new one each month!


  13. You've been busy! The cabinet looks fabulous!

  14. Still a steal, after the time and money you put in. It's so pretty! The color you chose is a perfect compliment to your quilts. I like that you added glass knobs, and thank you so much for the tip that Target has glass knobs! My Menards and Home Depot don't have them, so I've been pricing them on Ebay.
    P.S. Love your fireplace, with the big old mirror over it!

  15. It turned out so darling! Just love the chicken wire! Worth every penny, I'd day!


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