Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Family Tradition

We took Jack to Kansas on Saturday for our annual ride on Thomas. I thought he might be getting too old for it, but he actually enjoyed it more this year than he ever has.
Despite showing nothing but attitude about taking pictures.
Really. I am pretty sure he turned 12 when I wasn't looking.
He said this was his favorite part...everyone yelling "pull Thomas pull!" when we changed directions to go back into town.
I love this old train that sits on the tracks awaiting restoration.

Which will likely never happen.

They told us this year when they noticed we were from the St Louis area (and were remarking on making a long trip to ride Thomas) that without Thomas there would be no railroad in their little town at all.

Sad. It is an awesome little town and I always enjoy our visit there.


  1. Can you send me the link, to find out more about that Thomas train ride? My grandsons would like that maybe.

  2. Jack will probably like that longer than you think. First it's fun, then it's a family tradition, then it's a family memory. Heck, I think it looks fun!

  3. Hahaha -- what a cutie. I love the photo attitude!

  4. where was that exactly? you were in kansas!? next time...we must have dinner if you are close!

  5. Fabulous. Kiki enjoyed it for the first time this year too.

  6. I adore his "talk to the hand" pic.

  7. You cracked me up with his talk to the hand photos.


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