Thursday, June 18, 2009


In my ideal world:
There are no repairmen at the door a mere 7 minutes after my kid decides to sleep until 8:15 for the first time in 2 years.

There are no bomb like explosion messes all over the basement where said repairman needs to work.

The cats DO NOT puke.
The children are never bloody. (Today a bloody nose, a few weeks ago a bad case of road rash all.over.his.face. with who knows what injuries in the middle.)

It is never a 105 degrees outside.

There is no bickering about who is going to cook dinner.

The sewing machine always works.

The back to the remote control is never lost.
There is not rice from one end of the house to the other. (My kid is a SERIOUSLY messy eater.)

Said kid does not dump an entire bottle of hand sanitizer in his bath, necessitating a call to poison control where I am informed that "they have never received a call like this before."

Right after he sprayed the entire basement with a Costco sized can of pledge ruining the couch, the armoire and who knows what else while making the floor a damn dangerous skating rink.

My grandfather does his own grocery shopping.

I have more than 2 a minutes a day that are kid free.

Oh yea, and the garage sales are good. Really good. With ornaments and quilts and pottery and tablecloths and vintage fabric instead of guns and tires and used wal-mart clothing.

Dream on Sarah.

And you?

(Photos all from 2007, when apparently life was more idyllic. LOL)


  1. Sarah, can I come and live in your ideal world, too? It sounds just wonderful!

    Can I add... the dogs do not attack each other, my daughter does her own laundry, and chocolate is calorie-free.


  2. cats do not pee on my bath mat,
    kids do not scream at each other,
    80%humidity stinks too.

  3. My angel does not dump a gallon of (CLOSED!) primer on the floor, and I can pee without some one jerking on the door knob and screeching.
    Seriously, hope your lucky GS is tomorrow-you've earned the mother load!

  4. In my perfect world all my favorite bloggers would live in one area and we could all support each other and go garage/thrifting together.

  5. I would like to add:
    the dog does not pee on 1/3 of the floor cushions, I DO remember to thaw something/anything for dinner, the swimsuit really DOES make me look thinner (HA!), and I have 12 hours of uninterrupted crafting time.

    Seriously... pledging the basement? Mine used baby shampoo all over the floor... a WHOLE bottle... when he was young. I read you on the "skating rink"!

    Hope it gets better soon!

  6. In my ideal world I would hold the pill my cat needs to take in the palm of my hand and she would walk over and take it nicely. She would not try to run away, growl and hiss when captured and then spit the pill out. And, after a struggle, when I finally got the pill in her she wouldn't look at me and puke it up.

  7. We are currently missing an entire remote (I think it got thrown away in the Christmas wrappings) and the back off two remotes. Why? I don't know.

    My ideal world would not include ice storm damage and hospital stays requiring surgery.

  8. Well...I'll post an 'it could always be worse' story. Yesterday my cat carried in a live bird into the basement while I was gone and Hubby decided to just shut the door. I came home and there were feathers, down, and other remnants all over the basement including the ceiling. And what makes it even funnier... the day before, the boys had dumped out a sensory bin full of 10 pounds of rice all over the tile and decided to 'ice skate' in it. So I have a basement full of fluff and grain and guts and who comes over? Not just my MIL by Hubby's grandma too. Holy bird poop...

  9. I think I will steal this idea next time life is handing me lemons faster than I can make them into lemonade. Hope things calm down!

  10. ROTFLOL!!!

    I'm sorry, that was mean, LOL. Just remember, "This too shall pass". And quicker than you'd like it to, trust me.

    Molly(also of the vomitous-and pooping on the bathmat- cats, sigh)

  11. Mine would be that my 3 year old stopped digging in our large bags of rice! (Its like a sand box to the little stinker)

  12. You are so funny. Love the post.


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