Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Christmas

Dave and I have celebrated "Christmas in July" ever since our first summer together in our tiny little apartment. Back in "those days" we lived on one very small salary and I went to college. In December we were lucky to have $20 to spend on Christmas for each other. (Although we don't spend a whole heck of a lot more than that now either, but mostly because we use the thrift store heavily now.) By the time July rolled around we ready for a little treat.

And so, our Christmas in July was born!
Jack is totally into it.
Does he look excited yet?
How about now? LOL
My present...the most awesome Halloween fabric ever. (And it is getting hard to find.)
The tree this year is a big ficus that was sent to us at my grandfather's funeral. I plopped every single vintage millinery fruit I own on it.
And a toadstool or two too.

In previous years the trees have included paper drink parasols, summery stickers on pretty cardstock hung with ribbons, a bird themed tree, etc.

Want to start a Christmas in July tradition? A few ideas:
All but one of Jack's gifts are from the thrifts/garage sales. I always buy toys I know he will like when I see them and keep them in a special place. Aside from a special Lego toy we bought him I have all of $10 invested in his presents. It needn't cost a lot if you plan ahead a little. (Goodwill is excellent for Target salvage toys, but don't overlook things like craigslist either.)

Break out the Christmas music!

If you have a tabletop sized Christmas tree that works well, or do like we did this year and use a houseplant. (Coincidentally our very first Christmas in July tree was a ficus also.) You can find all kinds of summery decorations from flowers to plastic bugs at dollar stores (or if you are like me in your own closet). Don't forget a strand of lights.

Jack was curious about the Santa aspect, I simply told him this is a family day and the presents are from mommy and daddy.

Have a turkey in the freezer from a winter time sale? Make a special meal.

Never have enough money/canned goods/new pajamas/etc in December to make the kind of charitable contribution you'd really like to? Do it now.

Always talking about working for a charity near the holidays but never find the time? Life is certainly slower right now...

Happy Christmas in July! :-)


  1. Such a fun idea! love it!

  2. That is a wondrful family tradition for Jack. And, a much needed mood lifter for you guys right now.

    There is a Toy Drive going on right now and I think that is an excellent idea - everyone is stretched pretty thin by Christmastime. I have a ton of new toys to donate (about five boxes) and I am happy to donate them NOW instead of holding onto them for four more months.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. How FUN!!! Love the tree, the fabric, and the "donate now" idea!! Merry Christmas in July Jack and family!


  4. Merry Christmas! Love the millinery fruit and Jack's happy face.

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now but have never been moved to comment until now.
    This is a fantastic idea!!
    Please accept my condolences on your recent loss.
    God bless,

  6. This is such a great idea, and I especially like the idea of doing some volunteer work now, because that whole month of December is crazy busy for alot of people! Merry Christmas, and Happy 1/2 Year!

  7. Love it!! There is never enough time in December to do everything you want to, need to , or think you need to do.

    My girls would love this idea :)

  8. You are the best! I can't read the comments (my eyes and that font don't mix well, lol) but I'm sure you've recruited us all into a Christmas in July!

  9. This is one for me to really think about. We never get to celebrate Christmas at home because we are split between the inlaws and my parents every other year. This might just be my chance to have a tree!

  10. This should be made national holiday! Awesome ideal!

    Merry July!

  11. I always thought the whole Christmas in July thing, you know just another retail gimmick. was kind of cheesy...but you and your sweet family have put a whole new spin on it for me!! Thank you...and Merry Christmas!! :o} Also thought your suggestions on the charitable giving were fabulous!! The holidays get everyone tighter on money, but the charities we help need that help all year long. Great ideas! *elaine*

  12. I love that tradition...very sweet with kind of an O Henry feel to it, and I love that you've continued it all these years and included Jack now.

  13. What a fun famly tradition. Jack looks really excited.

  14. What a great tradition :)


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