Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A quarter to five

Lately Jack has been saying to me, "Mom, I am a quarter to five." Which at first sounds awkward, but really, he is dead on, isn't he? (He will be five in October.) How does a 4 year old have such a big grasp on fractions (and decimals and rounding too) already? I know every mom says this, but that kid of mine, he is *seriously* smart!

Anyway, I hope you can stand a week filled with junk. Somehow I have managed to find plenty of it the past few days and frankly it is a welcome distraction.

More flea market finds:
Another bread box for the "tin kitchen stuff" collection;
an awesome bird canister (I oogle these on Ebay) that I got for FREE because the vendor went and sold the smaller ones and had misplaced this one, the largest one (psssttt universe, I need more of these);
a rather cheap Jadeite mixing bowl that has already been used for dinner's cucumber salad;
and a super cute tablecloth...
with pink clover.

Hopefully the junk Gods will keep smiling on me.


  1. Lucky you! I am on a junking ban due to the whole move thing, SO SAD:( Actually trying to get rid of stuff, sniff!

  2. I hope they keep smiling on you the bird canister. (great price to boot!).

  3. Great finds!! Love the bird tin and of course the Jadeite.

  4. a quarter to five...i love it!

  5. That is one swell tablecloth. Love it!

  6. Wonderful finds! And what fun to have a swell new flea market buddy. It makes me really miss my friend Dita. :)

    I can't believe Jack is almost 5!! :)

  7. So I am thinking that having a mama who stops to explain math and science concepts to her child had something to do with Jacks wildly cool math & science smarts! You do a good job. Just saying credit where credit is due. Love the junk!

  8. Hey, I have one of those bird canisters. Mine cost 10 cents more than yours, though. Love the Jadeite. And that smart Jack.

  9. Oh the bird cannister is making me green with envy. We have the same taste in these things... I never get deals like you do on the quilts though.

  10. your "junk" is amazing, love the canister idea and these photos of treasures. Jack is your best treasure. But you know that.


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