Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seriously Awesome

I think it was last week that I teased all of you with my "most awesome find ever". I have finally had a chance to spend a full 90 minutes photographing all of it for you!

I DRUG myself to the flea market one Sunday morning right after my grandpa died because I needed something to keep my mind busy. (And I do mean drug myself, I have had the worst stomach the past few weeks.) I was feeling so poorly that I was really rushing thinking I would not be able to last very long out there and I had wandered really far ahead of Jack and David.

I spotted some interesting looking fabric from nearly 50 feet out, LOL, and went rushing to it, only to discover that the vendor had gone off to the bathroom and I was left to wait for what felt like FOREVER for him to return.

In my typical flea market fashion I was trying not to appear overly excited even though on the inside I wanted to just *die* with joy.

He returned, quoted me an insanely low price, scooped it all into a bag and off I went thinking I had bought some fabric and some grandmother's flower garden quilt blocks.

Except inside the bag it was *so* much more than just that.

Let's look, shall we?
There are pieces still waiting to be cut out, grouped by color with the solid she was going to use with each print...
There are some interesting prints that are missing their solid...
There are her templates, including the original store bought template...
There is the receipt (!!!) for the fabric, purchased January 31, 1938...
There are beautiful blocks...
already assembled in every color of the rainbow...
There are super yummy scraps...
And there are hexes waiting to be assembled.

And I SWEAR that as soon as I do not have an uber demanding small person to look after every single moment of my life, I am going to finish her quilt.

It's all so wonderful it just takes my breath away! And all carefully stored away, together, for all these years.

Fantastic. Really.

It makes all those craptastic yard sale time wasters worth it.

The entire purchase is photographed and on my Flickr account, just click that Flickr badge on the right and it will take you there. If you love old fabric it is NOT to be missed.


  1. That's awesome! I'm sure whoever did all that work would be THRILLED to know that her project found such a good home. :)

  2. I am so jealous!!!!
    I don't what you paid for it, but I think it was over priced by $1.00so I will gladly buy it from you for the extra $1.00


  3. I agree with Evelyn. What a neat find. You really have amazing abilities and I can't wait to see the finished project (in a few years - my over-demanding 4 year old now needs me to play trains for the 5th time today, so I can sympathize on the time thing!)

  4. Oh my goodness! What a find! I have been working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden for years. Not vintage fabric. I think I started when my daughter was about 5. Now she is 11. A friend jokingly said I should give it to her for a wedding present. I think that's about when it will be done! It's a good project when we travel because it's a great time to do handwork.

  5. Soon as I stop swooning, I'm looking on Flickr.

  6. You love of vintage fabric tickles me. It is nice to know that vintage fabric will always have a good home at your house. By the way, my dad was exactly 6 days old when that lady bought the pattern.

  7. Oh Sarah!

    I think you keep finding these amazing treasures because of your appreciation and respect for them. I think maybe they find you! I am so glad for your amazing find and can't wait to see this vintage treasure come to life!


  8. It's amazing how you can sniff these things out, even from 50 feet away! I'm in awe. Running over to Flickr right now!

  9. WOW, that is awesome! I love all the fabric, so pretty! I love that the receipt is still there, that is so cool so fun to think about finishing it one daY!

  10. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I am too consumed by envy to write a comment!!

  11. What an amazing find!!!

  12. I am drooling over that yellow block!

  13. I believe your quilting muse called out a favor!! What a FIND!!! I'm sure you are still in shock, lol. Just gorgeous!!!! I looked at all of them on your flickr, holy cow what a haul! You lucky, lucky girl.


  14. Sometimes I wonder if that is going to be what my unfinished crafts turn into since I can never seem to get them completed without adding more. That's really not that bad of a though

  15. Isn't an unfinished quilt both the most exciting and saddest thing ever? I looked at all the blocks on flicker and she did amazing work. It's sad that she didn't get to finish it and that no one in her family cared enough to do so. I know you are just the person for the job. Can't wait for the finished photos. . . someday.

  16. What a great find! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

    Hugs :)


  17. Wow what an amazing find & a little piece of history!


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