Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Coral Cross Stitch

I tore this picture out of an old Elle Decor magazine thinking it would be awesome as a cross stitch. (Even though cross stitch is not usually my kind of thing.) The magazine shot is of tiny glass mosiac tiles.

I love G's needleworks over at doe-c-doe and she definitely planted the seed that grew into the coral I made.
Once I started stitching it quickly became apparent that I was going to need to find the frame so I would know how big to make the needlework. I stumbled on this framed Jesus in a Goodwill and snatched it right up. It was the frame I had in mind - oval with a flowery edge.
About a bazillion hours later I had a coral. (Seriously. I watched something like 10 movies, countless hours of leave it to beaver, etc while stitching. This is NOT an instant gratification craft.)

It turned out wonderfully, exactly as I imagined. Except there was a small framing disaster and the frame now has a big crack at the top.
Jack would ask me every day how long it was going to take me to make my "tree".

I explained to him that it was really a coral and we talked about how they grow in the ocean.

His little eyes lit up and he went off running to my bedroom exclaiming, "I know what you mean! I know what you mean!"
And he returned holding this...two pieces of coral that I keep in a bowl full of shells in our bedroom.

I was a bit stunned. I mean we never spend any time discussing that bowl of shells beyond "Mommy and Daddy got those when we lived in Florida." Clearly he has spent time investigating them though...

That kid of mine is amazing. :-)

And forget what I said about cross stitch not being my kind of thing. I am currently engrossed in another one, and this one? Oh man I love it already.


  1. turned out super pretty! I use to do cross stitch every night before the knitting obsession! It is time consuming but relaxing and worth it! can't wait to see the next one!

  2. How funny--I just did a cross stitch project yesterday, the first time I've done CS in about 20 years, seriously! What I did was VERY simple but I was quite surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it! It was kind of addictive and made me want to do more! (Or maybe I should actually learn to embroider, since I've been meaning to do so for about 5 years now)

  3. I love it! I like to cross stitch - especially when I can find places to add beads in the design. :)

  4. I used to do a lot of cross stitch when I was younger - more of that super cutesy 80's and 90's stuff. I don't even know where any of it is! This is really nice - I really like it.

  5. Cute! I used to be a big cross-stitcher, though it's bit tough on my eyes now.

  6. Xstitch has never been my thing, and I was amazed when I saw your photo w/ coral done in turquoise and the frame redone white - VERY NICE!

  7. Oh that is pretty!!! Love the frame too!!

    Get Jack some nature videos! Rent them first to see if he likes them. National Geographic has lots of good stuff. He's not too young for the "real" ones. Another good batch is the Eyewitness series. My son started with these when he was about 2.5-3 years old and just loved them. They're narrated by Martin Sheen and are VERY cool, not babyish but not with adult content either. I'm betting Jack would really take to them.


  8. Beautiful cross stitch!


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