Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh yea!

It all started with this quilt .

Then I found this tablecloth .

And the next thing I knew I was totally ga-ga for lavender.

I started trolling ebay for all things "vintage lavender" or "vintage lilac".
I won this WONDERFUL fabric there. (Destined to be either curtains or a duvet cover for the new house.)
Two days ago I found myself trolling ebay and I noticed some vintage chenilles in my lovely lavender.

And this morning I drug Jack to the thrift store (is preschool EVER going to start again???), and lookie what I found!
A vintage lavender chenille. For two bucks. Score.

Now to decide what to make with it...
Even better, when we got home look what was in the mail box.

Holy smokes, I love Halloween. This totally made my day.

As Jack likes to exclaim, "OH YEA!"

Now if you'll excuse me there is a magazine waiting with my name all over it.


  1. I'm loving the lilac color. Thanks for the heads-up on the Country Living magazine. I've been working like crazy on Halloween crafts for our big Halloween party. I'm going to be stalking the mailbox!!!

  2. I can't wait for Halloween!!! Love the lavender stuff! Hope all is well(or at the very least, calm) at your place!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful lilacy day! Great score on the chenille. I just picked up Marta Steward halloween mag this Borders - can't wait to see if my Country living is in my mailbox today....PLEASE!

  4. i am loving the lilac too, so pretty. can't wait to hear the details on the new house!

  5. Good looking finds Sarah! Thanks for the magazine tip -- I'll be looking for it in the bookstore!

  6. that tablecloth & blanket are gorgeous! i have yet to find any chenille.

  7. Love that chenille! For the longest time I tried to find some kind of lavender spread for my bed and could never find anything. I finally gave up and went with a totally different color scheme. And you know once I gave up I started seeing it everywhere!

  8. I keep dreaming about finding a vintage chenille bedspread for $2. The stores around here have realized how in demand they are and they are usually marked fairly high. Lucky you!

  9. I'm freaking out! I didn't know all of the Halloween mags were out already! I always have to have the CL and Martha Halloween issues! I love Halloween too. I just got what I thought was an old punkin blow mold at a sale today, but it doesn't say anything on it, so maybe not, but it looks old. I know nothing about blow molds.
    I've never been crazy about lilac linens, but that chenille spread is making me rethink that!

  10. Some great goodies! Love the chenille bedspread! I LOVE Halloween! Now I have something to look forward to, waiting for my Country Living!

  11. Don't you love when that happens?! I love stumbling across something that I've been looking for at the thrift store.
    I hope you're feeling better Sarah. My hubby sometimes has anxiety problems. I think it is hereditary as his mother does too. I tell him to just keep busy so he doesn't have time to think about whatever he is obsessing about. Sometimes it actually works.

  12. Great chenille spread! I love Country Living Magazine!

  13. Oh, no fair! I haven't received my October issue yet......
    Maybe tomorrow.


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