Monday, August 31, 2009

Preschool, First Day

Wow, Jack has been home with me for a long time this summer. His last few days of Mother's Day Out were before Memorial Day, so it's been 3 1/2 months. We usually send him to MDO at least one day a week during the summer, but our program shut it's doors this spring, so it's been just he and I, come hell or high water. (And there has certainly been a little of both this year.)

I felt a bit under the gun when it was time to choose a preschool last spring (it was all happening right when all of my inlaws were visiting), so I just went with the school that his little MDO friends were going to.

About two weeks ago my inner voice starting saying I should find a different program.

My inner voice and I have a complicated relationship, which mostly involves her yelling the right answers at me and me promptly ignoring them.

I am trying to be committed to not making those mistakes anymore, so after a disastrous open house at the first program, Jack and I set off to find a different school last week.

I found two choices that my inner voice was happy with, a fancy chi-chi type place and a Montessori school. Jack definitely thought the Montessori program was "funner" (and I tend to think there was more room for him to grow "academically" there), but Miss Inner Voice told me he would quickly get bored with the "work" and not be as pushed to make little friends there.

So, off he went today to the fancier chi-chi school.

There were tears. (And some were nearly from me!) But I've already called to check on him and the teacher reports that he "is experimenting with cars and incline planes". (How very Sid the Science Kid, no? LOL)

I really hope this works out.

For both of us.


  1. Best wishes with all your new transitions. You seem to have quite a few this fall. Hugs!!

  2. Me, too, Sarah. It will. xo

  3. Knowing how interested/talented Jack is with science, I am encouraged by the teachers use of the word "inclined planes" instead of say "ramps." I will keep you both in my thoughts.

  4. At least he put on a happy face for your picture - lookin' good! Best of luck with the transition. I'm sure he'll love it soon.

  5. I bet he will love it! Glad you listened to your inner voice, sometimes I ignor mine and regret it!

  6. I hope he had a great day! Layla started Kindergarten this year. They've been back for a week already.

  7. awwwww! I still remember that feeling....leaving my little ones behind to do something that would be "good for them". It turned out to be true! Best wishes for a little fun time for Jack and a little quiet time for you!

  8. I hope he enjoyed his first day!
    Kimberly :)

  9. Choosing schools is sooo stressful. Good luck to you and Jack!


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