Monday, August 03, 2009

Thrift Bliss, the preschool version

I've been looking for a ride on toy for Jack for two summers now.

The thrift Gods finally obliged and we found one on Saturday.

Jack is in L-O-V-E.

I always manage to find whatever it is we want if I give it enough time. (We could never have afforded one of these things at the $300+ retail price. I managed to get this one for $15*.)

Now if only it were that easy to trust that ALL of our wants/needs/problems will be cared for in every aspect of life...

*If you buy one of these second hand, price batteries first. That's why it took me forever to find one, the batteries are expensive and I was not going to pay $50+ for the used toy and then another $50+ to put batteries in it.


  1. Aw man ^5! Been thinking of you, hope you're all about the smiles today.

  2. Good luck getting him to school NOW!


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