Thursday, August 06, 2009

Totally random

I have a whole lot of random things to talk about. Ready? :-)
I developed a thing for antlers this past winter. I have a whole box of them I bought off Craigslist. This just came in the mail today, the Sept issue of Living, and I LOVE that mirror.

Ya'll know I have that chandelier, umm, fetish right? I LOVE antler chandeliers.

That's weird. Maybe.

I don't usually pimp magazines here, but the Sept issue of Country Living was delicious. I have looked at it several times already. The best magazine in a long time, IMO.
Jack wanted to buy a bag of colored Popsicle sticks at the thrift. When I explained that they were for crafts and not actual Popsicles he asked if we could make paper Popsicles.


They were easy and fun.
(You will have to click to enlarge this photo to fully appreciate it.) So, that is my grandpa's cat doing her best ninja kitty impersonation there. She is standing on her head trying to wedge herself behind the blue door in the hallway. See her in the right hand corner?

It took me 3 weeks to catch that little bugger from his house. I finally caught her and kept her locked in our bathroom (safe from my 3 gigantic cats) for a few days to get her used to my house. I took her in to get her spayed and vaccinated last week and during her operation the vet discovered a rather serious problem. She had a severe uterine infection that was just days from killing her. She's all fixed up now, but she is howling like the devil to get out of the bathroom so at night we have been locking her in the office in the basement.

Except she climbs up into the drop ceiling down there. Last night she came crashing through the ceiling and came face to face with the other cats. There has been some hissing and some batting at each other.

But that isn't the biggest problem.

She is now lost somewhere in my house! She is really quite timid (and tiny!) and who knows when I will manage to find her again. Oy. (This is a problem for about a million reasons.)
I thrifted this tablecloth this week.

It might be my favorite one ever. And it's perfect. All clean and stain free and freshly ironed and wonderful.

It's already on the kitchen table.
I am really crushing on the pale green/lavender combo lately.
I also picked up this nifty picture frame. Roses and roses and more roses, oh my!

And last, but not least, this is consignment sale week here in town. If you aren't already consigning your kids clothes, do it! (But try and find a once or twice yearly sale and not a place like Once Upon A Child. Nothing against those places, but ours is insanely weird about what they will accept and they offer me peanuts.) I have a pretty good system down by now where I am able to sell Jack's outgrown clothes for just about the same amount of money I spend on his new clothes twice a year. (My only "store bought" costs are underwear, shoes, socks, undershirts and occasionally pajamas. Pajamas are hard to find in good used condition sometimes.)

This week I dropped off 41 items for consignment and picked up my shop early ticket (for consignors only). Then yesterday I went and did my shopping. (MAKE A LIST! It can be overwhelming.) I was bummed out because there were no decent jeans to be found for Jack for this winter and I hate paying retail. But the thrift Gods smiled on me this morning and I found all the jeans I needed at the thrift. Woohooo. No retail jeans for us.

My total out of pocket cost for his entire winter wardrobe after I had sorted through what we already have from last year that we can still use, is about $115. I will let you know if I break even when I pick up my consignment check on Sunday.

Recycling at it's finest - buy used, use it for a year, then resell it. Awesome.

Whew, did you make it? I think I need a nap now.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hallway! All the empty frames are beautiful. The Cat is hysterical :)

    I have a hard time using the tableclothes I find with 3 kiddos, I feel it would just be more laundry and stains that I wouldn't be able to get out! :0

  2. Nothing like having a feral kitty running around the house! I hope for your sake your cats don't try 'marking' their territory over the latest addition.

  3. What a great cat picture! Love it!

    I have a box of antlers in my attic, I might have to think about doing something with them, thanks for the idea!

  4. We have a set of antlers (actually, they are still on part of the head bone) my aunt gave my son. I grew up with deer heads on the wall.

    I have my issue of Country Living but havent had a chance to do more than flip through it a few times.

    That has got to be one of the cutest pictures Ive seen in awhile! (the kitty). Poor thing!

    I have been thinking about consigning the kids clothes. I did Ebay in the past but Ebay doesnt seem to be what it once was.

  5. Random Comments: I've been wondering what you were up to with the antlers.

    I loved my Country Living mag this month too.

    The paper Popscicles are fantastic - especially the candy corn-ish one.

    I'm so happy you were able to get Grandpa's Kitty (is that her name?) to your house. I hope you find her quick! We lost a cat for three days in our very own house - in the depths of my JUNK ROOM.

    Love the tablecloth, of course. I found two today - both sort of stain-y, but I hope they will clean up okay.

    Great job on the consignment buying and selling. I used to do that too. Buy it for $1.00, The Bean would wear it a year, then I would sell it for $2.00 at my own yard sale.

    I'm sure you are thrilled I left souch a looong comment. Sorry!

  6. Random comments:
    1. My friends have kind of an antler theme - big antler chandeliers and such. I like it in their house; mine, not so much. But you go for it!
    2. Love the paper popsicles. He's so smart.
    3. The cat kind of scared me. I hope you find her.
    4. The tablecloth is excellent.
    5. Consignment is excellent. I used to do that, but they're too big now.

  7. We have a couple of sets of antlers over our garage - I keep trying to decide if they are cool or just plain ugly. Maybe I will have to do a post and take a vote.

  8. Poor kitty!!! I'm glad she's ok now, albeit lost in the house. I was wondering how your others were doing and almost asked a few weeks ago.


  9. Ohmygosh -- that kitty picture is amazing -- you definitely have to enlarge the picture -- I was looking on the wrong side of the door. Poor little kitty -- I hope you've found her by now!

  10. Anonymous9:56 PM

    LOL it took me a second to find that cat. Poor thing, some cats are stubborn it makes it 100x worse for them when things change.
    Love the consignment tip too. I'm always telling Dave that we can raise a child a TON cheaper than some people think if we do stuff like that.

  11. Thanks for the mention of the consignment sale. I checked google and found out it's going to be in my neck of the woods next weekend. Mad dash to collect things around the house!

  12. I hope you've found the kitty by now. We had one who loved to hide and would be missing for days.
    And oh my goodness! Your hallway is awesome. Mine is just plain and boring!

  13. I've always loved the blue door at the end of the hall, but that Ninja kitty trick is the icing on the cupcake. Now she's dissapeared? the house?...Hmmm...maybe the blue door really does go somewhere...hmmmm! :o} *elaine*

  14. Good for you with the recycling clothes...I need to follow your example. I have been keeping almost all of Sadie's outgrowns, but they are turning out to be all the wrong sizes in the wrong seasons (serves me right for having one baby in December and the other in July!).

  15. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Maybe your kitty is trying to be a statue , like the other one that doesn't move on the other side of the door. :)
    OH my word verification is 'kityjai'. Made me think of something like an excersize for kitties..... like yoga and that is what your kitty is doing....kityjai.


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