Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come flea with me

It's Sunday morning and I actually remembered the camera.

Want to come to the flea with me?
These signs used to say "no dogs or pets on flea market grounds." They added "on leashes" because our flea market is full of animals every week. Perhaps it would be charming if it weren't so darn horrible to see hundreds of dogs out there every week. Ugh.

There are usually plenty of other animals too, just not this week. Chickens, roosters, rabbits, birds, and occassionally a goat. Just so you don't get the idea that my flea market is high class or anything. LOL

On to the better stuff.

What are you looking for? I am sure it is here somewhere.
A table of pretty (and cheap) silver perhaps?
An old trunk with the lid covered in costume jewelry?
Farm fresh local produce?
There is junk out here as far as the eye can see...
Maybe you are ready for some pumpkin fun?
Flowers for the dinner table? I quite fancy the pink carnations actually.
But the roses are nice too.
We flea right next to the train. It's a bit noisy. Don't try and bargain right then.
How about an old Hoosier cabinet? (An unusual find actually).
Or a super old tub? (Also an unusual find).
Books? Glassware?
She has interesting old hooked rug on that pink chair there...but they are hard to get clean.
Pretty porcelain? A perfect shade of green silverware caddy?

Whew. You made it. A full 2 hours of flea'ing fun. Too bad the quilt I REALLY REALLY REALLY should have bought last week was already gone.

And my finds this week are not that great. Boo.

Will show them to you tomorrow.

For now I am off to try and finish at least one of the gazillion craft projiks I have been in the middle of for months now. I am never going to get this place decorated for Halloween at this rate!

P.S. Spellcheck won't work. Ignore typos/spelling errors.


  1. We do not have that kind of stuff here in NH...the thrift stores, antique marts and fleas have a different sort of old stuff...except for the silver, I do see a lot of that. So neat get to see all that you see!

  2. Did you get the Hoosier? I was too beat to go today. Next weekend is the wentzville citywide yard sale. It gets crazy and people have told me they come in from out of town to do the sales and the flea? I think all of the sales here in wentzville are pretty boring, all new stuff. I can't wait to see your purchases!

  3. I want to go to someplace like that soooo bad. But, there is nothing around here.

    Did you see how much that trunk cost? It's cool, but not sure how I feel about all that lovely jewelry being glued on there forever.

  4. You have GOT to email me and tell me where to find that flea market. We have one down my way but it's mostly a Dollar Tree outside these days, no real treasures. I see 3 or 4 things in your photos worth a drive up your way some Sunday.

  5. I havent been to the flea market in over a year. When I went it was to the big flea market in Webster. The one here in town takes you through a rough part of town, and the other one is the next town over.

    I havent decorated either!

  6. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I was wondering about the price on the Hoosier cabinet? Looks like a really good flea market , can't wait to see what you actually bought.

  7. Hey, I got excited seeing that Hoosier and it's not like I need another one. Don't you? Did not notice any spelling errors but I wasn't exactly looking for them, either. Can't believe you passed up a quilt.

  8. I'd love to know what the Hooser was for where you are. Here they are prized kind of crazy.
    And I have to say that mine flea market is way lower brow than yours. No animals but loads of junk and dust. I would LOVE to come to yours. That tub totally had me.


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