Thursday, September 03, 2009

Instant "craft"ification

Two months ago I was a SAHM with one rowdy little boy living in a rental house with only the "stuff" in our house and one car to our name really.

And then grandpa died and my world was suddenly thrown upside down. It's been two months of trial by fire. All this stuff I have never had to deal with before and really know nothing about. There have been deeds and lawyers and banks and tax consultations and papers and papers and more papers and mortgages and home equity loans and on and on.

It's been hard not to find myself thinking "ARGHHHHHHHH, grandpa would know the answers!".

I have to remind myself of the little note from him I have on my bulletin board that says "don't worry Sarah, you can do this!".

And we are doing it. We are deeded, insured and financed.

And ready to roll.

The first of the construction dumpsters arrives today, which means the hard part is descending upon us quickly. This weekend we start cleaning out the house my grandparents lived in for 38 years.

I feel a little teary eyed just thinking about it actually. I took my first steps in that house, they taught me to roller skate there, we had Christmas trees that were always too big (and tied to the ceiling, lol) there, I graduated from high school there, and so it goes.

Except this time there is no grandma on the other end of the phone telling me how to cook my first Thanksgiving turkey. (I was 18, and yes, I left the giblets inside it and ruined the whole bloody thing).

No grandpa to tell us how to sort out a giant remodeling project or what kind of insurance we need or how to get the best price on siding (he was a siding salesman for many years) as we take our first steps as homeowners.

It's a bit surreal.

My busy, busy, busy brain has kicked in and I find myself with sleepless nights. (But no anxiety right now.)

So what's a busy girl to do to occupy herself when she really only has 10 minutes to make things?
Revamp the fridge magnets of course.

Take all of those promotional fridge magnets that have been kicking around for 10 years on the fridge...
and use spray adhesive to attach pretty papers to them.
The rosey one is wrapping paper and it's my favorite.

Then stick one in the metal of the painted metal tray over a piece of a Trader Joe's grocery bag that says "Someday when I'm old, I will look back on this moment as the happiest time in my life."

And tell myself that at least 100 times a day. :-)

P.S. This is way more than I thought I was going to say today, it's a bit like a cathartic bloodletting. Ha.


  1. Beautiful post. You certainly have had your heart and hands full lately. Continue to keep that chin up and keep on CRAFTING!! Hugs!!

  2. Good luck with all that moving of stuff - and those magnets will look so pretty in your new home :)

  3. I love your "cathartic bloodletting" because I can so relate in many ways. Makes me feel like my worries have good company.

    The magnet idea is terrific.

  4. You are in my thoughts. I don't know how you can do this, but you are doing it and you will be a stronger person for it. Love the magnets. ;-)

  5. Of course making magnets pretty makes everything rosier...good choice of projects. This will all come together and you will have a beautiful house filled with memories to call your own...most people don't have that kind of connection to the house they live in...yours will be extra special

  6. Bless your heart. Moving is stressful always but doing what you have to do is sad. My thoughts are with you. :)

  7. You definitely found the therapy you needed. The clean-out part will be hard (just went through a bit of that here with my MIL, and I think you know my story with her) but it is so great you will be with your family in a house that means so much to you. Good luck, Sarah!

  8. I almost cried when I read your post today. I put my widowed mother in assited living several months ago. We had to quickly gather things from her house and store some, sell some and in general clean out. It's hard. It would be easier if I were an only child, but I have a sister that can't let go of anything.
    If you have an acution, that will be hard too, but it will be over quicker that way then what the nutty sister is doing.
    Good luck and blessings as you end one chapter and start another.

  9. I know you are so busy these days. I'm sure going through everything cant be easy. I never had a chance to do it with my mom.

    The craft idea is really cute! I have so many of those stupid things. They are hidden between the fridge and the wall, lol.

  10. Yeesh, that cleanout won't be fun, but I'm glad you're crafting. It's great therapy! I've got about 2.3 million of those magnets. Never thought to redo them. And once you move in, it WILL start to be the happiest time of your life!

  11. well done with the fridge magnets and kepp your head up friend. you ARE doing it.

  12. Love the project! I am quilting instead of packing!

  13. That's a good quote to have displayed. I'm going to remember that one.

  14. What a wonderful idea for those magnets! Good luck with your sorting and moving. Remember your grampa's note and may you recall many wonderful memories as you sort through everything.

  15. I'm so excited for you! I know that you will do great. I'm sure it can be overwhelming, but I think you've got the right attitude. Good luck!

  16. What a wonderful heart-felt post. You are doing things the right've also received answers to past prayers, just maybe not in the form you expected. God does move in mysterious ways. Good luck with the work you have ahead of you, & keep craftin' those cool fridge magnets! Great recycle! Hugs from Florida *elaine*

  17. We had to clean out DH's parents house. It was not an easy job. Of course, it wasn't my family, so it didn't bother me to chunk it in the dumpster. He had problems with that though. I know it will be hard. I am glad that you can remodel, so it will always be "their house", but YOUR house now.

  18. Love your crafting therapy! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Life seems to have taken me by storm the past 2 months. Hope Jack is doing well at the new school - I completely understand about all that on so many levels! And just keep breathing while you empty the house. I know that day is coming for me and I cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster it will be. Keep makin projiks and take it one day at a time friend!


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