Friday, September 25, 2009

Junk, aka the tide might be changing

Ready for a totally disjointed post? LOL
I picked up a pile of sugar sacks way back on that 61 mile yard sale.

Yes, I still hadn't shown you everything from that yard sale. This is the last of it though.

This one is AFTER washing. I have no clue how to wash these things.
This one is BEFORE washing. Obviously the print is fading quite a bit with the washing.

I wish I could sort out how to wash them without that happening. I can't NOT wash them because they are stiff as all get out, they smell and they have burnt (?) bits.

I bought them because of the crowns (squeeeeeeeeee!).

I think I might use them on new dining room chairs.
After what seems like an entire summer of only buying quilts, I actually found some pottery.

I have planned a giant wall o' pottery at the new house and I was starting to worry that the pottery had dried up.

This might be my favorite piece *ever*. Never mind that chip on the back, the color is awesome, the design is so sweet and it set me back a whole buck.
I've also scored a small pot.
And a large white vase with a lovely curvy shape.
This morning after I picked up my new bathroom tile I found a few yards of this super cute vintage fabric.
Annnnnnnnd a new pair of doc martens for myself. She must have only worn these once. (Never mind the crappy too bright photo, those mosquitoes are out to get me I tell you.)

They are actually a really deep dark purple. Cue squeeing again. Price tag? $4. Get.out. (Those shoes retail for $100+ and they last freaking forever.)

Anyway, I only mention the shoes because Dottie Angel has put herself on a year long, buy nothing new challenge.

Now, such challenges are nothing new in blog world, and I really CANNOT do it right now given that we are bleeding $$$ left and right in the retail world redoing the house*, BUT if you have never tried such a thing before it is worth giving it a go. As most of you know I already buy everything we can secondhand, from clothes to toys to housewares, and it's a lifestyle I fully encourage everyone to try.

We all know the implications of everything made in china and made to be disposable go well beyond your credit card bills. :-) (Not that we are perfect, far from it. Ha.)

Ok, enough of that.

One last thing to note today, I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous antique bathtub. She was made October 23, 1910 and is wonderful! I cannot wait for the inaugural soak.

*I have been scouting the re-stores for things we can salvage/re-use for the house, but holy mackerel that is hard. Everything has to fit just so, there has to be enough of it to use and a lot of the stuff is completely not my "style". That part sucks a little.


  1. Love the pottery! And what great deals you got on them! Is any of it McCoy, or just ...ish?
    Love that you got yourself an antique tub for the new house. I have one too, sitting in my living room waiting to be installed. Found it on Craigslist and the inside doesn't have to be refinished. But the outside and the feet do!
    Can't wait to see the house progress. I'm so excited for you and your family.
    BTW, I'm not usually a cat person, but yours are beautiful. I'm so glad you caught that sweet kitty and got her to the vet in time to save her life!

  2. I heard that Habitat for Humanity runs stores with leftover building materials that they sell at discounted prices. It might be worth looking into. I only know of the one in the DC area.

  3. I wash my sugar sacks too. And more than a few times because they get really really soft after those initial washes and i like the faded look. I have a few now that are going to go on the back of a quilt. Bags made out of them are fun too.

    Doc Marten's - i just donated a pair of brand new boots. I wore them only a few times, got pregnant and my feet were never the same. I just donated a few new pairs. Some lucky person will be pleased i'm sure. :-)

  4. Good finds...especially the pottery - hope you have enuf/or collect enuf to fill the giant wall o'....great idea!
    Doc Martens, bathtubs, sugar sacks...what is the next big find?

  5. Love it all, especially that fabric (surprise, surprise). I washed my feed bags, too - they were already kind of faded, and they, too, HAD to be washed. Throwing in a cupful of vinegar is the only thing I've ever heard that supposedly holds color in, and I don't really know if it would work. Also (extremely long comment!) ever since getting the Hoosier I have decided that buying 5 things that only sorta work doesn't make much sense if you can buy 1 thing that does. So spend with abandon, LOL!

  6. I can't believe that I have that same little green flowerpot AND the white vase!

  7. Those sugar sacks are great, and I love the pottery!

    Congrats on your tub! We found one out back here when we moved in, but the bottom is too rusty to read when it was made. Maybe one day I'll get it restored.

  8. It sounds like everything is falling into place... so exciting about the tub!!!

  9. The 61 Mile Yard Sale goes right through the town my grandparents grew up in and where my mom was born! Next time you go, you must eat at Ewald's in Perryville!


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