Monday, October 12, 2009

Boo Humbug

I was really struggling to get into the Halloween spirit this year. With so much going on I just couldn't imagine having the time to really celebrate it like we usually do.

One day after preschool I decided to take Jack to Dollar Tree just to see what they had for Halloween this year. That trip turned out to be *just* what I needed to get rid of Boo Humbug problem.

It was already pretty picked over by the time I got around to it, but I snatched up some things thinking I could pretty them up somehow.

The before shots:
These small Styrofoam gourds come in five packs in several colors (red, yellow, green and orange). (And they actually still have these at my Dollar Tree.
Bags of cheesy plastic bones and tiny plastic skeleton hands.
And REALLY REALLY REALLY ugly cheap plastic skulls.

I dug out all the Martha glitter I had and went to work. (Mind you, this glittering escapade of mine has taken me SEVERAL WEEKS to finish. That's how swamped I am right now. LOL)
Now we have platters of glittering bones...
tiny glittered hands...
and pre-purchased black glittery skulls (also from Dollar Tree*) piled up in jars to make skeleton piles.
The big glittered skulls turned out fabulously.
And my personal favorite, piles of glittery gourds!

I actually have enough Halloween projects rolling right now that I think I can do an entire week of really fast, really cheap Halloween projects. Now, don't get too excited. Unlike previous years I haven't made anything really awesome or very labor intensive. (Lordy that advent calendar TOOK FOREVER.) But, when I was doing the decorating this year I realized how much I love putting up the decorations I have made in previous years. I couldn't let this year be the exception.

*I had to touch up a few spots on the Dollar Tree black skulls. The Martha glitter was an *exact* match. Surprising.

**Every store on earth has glittery skulls for sale this year - from Homegoods to Big Lots. This was a lot cheaper than giving into the urge to just buy them.

***Yes, Martha did this YEARS ago. It takes me awhile to get around to things! LOL


  1. I kept looking at those glittery skulls at the dollar store. And kept looking. And now they are gone! Dangit! Love dem bones too!

  2. I love the Dollar Tree - so many things you can glitter up and make yor own. Cheap too! They had a great new line of plastic party stuff this year. Cute skeletons with hairbows and neckties.

  3. Now that's the proper Halloween spirit! I'm a Halloween fanatic and your glittery bones are to DIE for...hee hee. Have a great week!

  4. They all look great! I ALMOST got some of the skulls & hands. Those green ones are the bigger ones, right?

  5. Cool! Glad to hear that you are able to find some time to get into the Halloween spirit!

  6. Very cute! Missing my deco this year:(

  7. So creative, I love your blog!!
    Great ideas and you are so inspiring!


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