Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Conversations with Dave

(I was irrationally bugged by the bad photos yesterday. These are better.)
I ventured out to a yard sale this morning that was quite far from home. On the way there I realized there was a thrift store close by that I had been to once and had a little luck there, so I was eager to find it again.

I had the GPS with me, but it was not coming up with anything of use.

So I called Dave at work.

"Oh good! I need help."
"I am near a thrift that I can't find and Gina (the GPS) is not helping me."
(I spew out name of thrift and he googles up an address.)
Me again, "The GPS is useless."
"Well Dear, thrift stores are not exactly major attractions."
Thrift stores are not major attractions?!?!?!

Is the sky falling?!? LOL


Happy Hump Day!


  1. wanna talk about irrational? I have the totally irrelevant and irrational need to tell you that I like the latest project vertical, but do not like it horizontal. Yes I have issues.

  2. I don't have a fancy GPS, but it does list thrift stores. Under "stores" there is the "other" category. All it has ever shown me was thrift stores.

  3. The cross-stitch is really lovely.

  4. Anonymous1:43 AM

    I love the cross stitch, the horizontal suits it really perfectly. And I hope you washed someones mouth out with soap for saying dirty words!


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