Friday, October 02, 2009

Conversations with Jack

"Mom, I haven't picked my carrots in a long time."
(Me, still half asleep.) "Uh huh."
"They've been growing since June, July, August, September and now it's October."
"Are you talking about Farm Town Jack?" (Thinking nothing grows on farm town that long.)
"No!!!!!!! My carrots outside."
(Light bulb moment for me.) "Oh my goodness you're right!"
"Can I pick them right now?"
"Ugh, mom, they are too tight." (Pulling and pulling.)
(I reach down and yank them out. Outside. In my pajamas. With all the school kids mulling around. LOL)

(We both gasp at how BIG the carrots are!)

Those darn carrots are the size of potatoes.

Not too shabby for "accidental carrots", eh? (He "planted" them all by himself one day when I was feeling grumpy and desperately searching for something to keep him busy.)

I am off to take Jack to preschool (please let it go well) and wait for my bathtub delivery. With any luck we are going to get a building permit ASAP, it's slowing things down. Cross your fingers on all accounts. :-)


  1. Those are some biggies!! I hope today is a good preschool day. I noticed a few Halloween decorations behind Jack. Good for you! Best wishes with the building permit. I'll be checking back for updates. Hugs!!

  2. Fingers are crossed... hoping for a good day. What are you and Jack going to make with those humongous carrots? Or will you be eating them raw?

  3. Fingers crossed over here too - hope all goes well. And congrats to Jack for having such large lovely carrots!

  4. I have to laugh at the Farm Town thought. My kids get all excited and tell me what all to do when we get on there.

    Those are some really fat carrots though, lol.

  5. too funny...those are some carrots :D
    but he looks proud!!


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