Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am insane - the mini golf party version

Clearly we are crazy busy right now. But I decided WAY WAY back in like April that I wanted to do a mini golf party for Jack this year. We spent all summer collecting different colored golf balls and putters from yard sales, we spent many weekends crafting 9 holes and lord help me, I really really DID try to let some of the details go this time.

I decided to just let Costco make the cake. I couldn't decide on a cake anyway and they have a golf cake. I arrive promptly at 11 am to pick up the cake, which is not ready. I am told it will be ready in 10 mins. FORTY FIVE MINUTES go by, 7 cakes go out in front of me (to people who had NOT been waiting like I had been) and noon was creeping up.

Noon. When the party is starting. At my house. Without us there!

I start to seriously freak out. (Yes, over a cake.) My husband keeps insisting we just leave without the cake. I AM NOT LEAVING WITHOUT MY CHILD'S BIRTHDAY CAKE! I start to have some kind of anxiety attack. I tell Dave I am pretty sure I am going have some kind of foaming at the mouth fit in the middle of the Costco. I start cursing and begging someone to just PLEASE CUT UP MY COSTCO CARD BECAUSE I AM NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN.

A manager happens to walk by. I go chasing after him yelling "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, my child's birthday is starting without me and I am still standing here waiting on the cake!"

Oh sure, I can laugh about it now. But ladies, it was not pretty. LOL

For real.

Next year we go to Chuck E Cheese.

Aside from my cake drama, the party went well. The kids LOVED the golfing, it kept 15 small people busy for many hours (and there was only one whack to the head). Everyone filled themselves full of all sorts of circular junk food and my feet are exceptionally happy it is all over for another year. (Or perhaps a lifetime. Chuck E Cheese, Sarah, Chuck E Cheese.)
The xylophone hole was fun.
But the wire hoops were a crowd favorite. (Easy to get a hole in one.)
The sand trap was tricky.
The barn was also popular.
My favorite was the giant gopher, but the kids kept moving him aside. I think he was in their way. Sort of the point, but I guess it doesn't matter when you're five.
Blowing out the candles on the cake disaster. (Blurring out other people's children.)
Plotting with friends. (Still blurring out other people's kids.)
Dave made certificates for party favors. (Along with a chocolate bar. I really wanted trophies, but I did NOT decide that far enough in advance to actually source the trophies.)
And some buckets with the round food (donut holes, popcorn balls, cheese balls and white M&M's). Plus piles of score cards and pencils for kids who are into numbers (ahem, Jack).

And with that, my baby turns number five tomorrow.

**I want to say that if you are going to go whole hog on the birthday front it's easier to actually go whole hog. Trying to do it halfway (and yet all the way, if that makes sense) was really stressful. Better to just go full on or not at all. Just sayin. And yes, that is a note to self. I do reread these posts when I am feeling sentimental. Or when I get a crazy ass idea. Like 9 holes of miniature golf in the yard.


  1. I'll bet Jack remembers this birthday party FOREVER! What a clever idea and the details were awesome! Will you plan my next birthday party???? ;-)

  2. I'm soooo impressed. Seriously, you scored a hole in one on this. Your details are spectacular. I think you deserve a year off. Celebrations all around on an amazing 5th birthday for Jack!

  3. What a lucky little boy! And what a talented mama!

  4. After making fun of your insanity, I feel compelled to say that I may try to replicate this for Jay's 19th birthday. Amazing. Those golf holes are too cute. And the buckets and pencils and score cards and snacks - well, just amazing. Oh, and the Jackson Invitational certificates! Good job! And happy birthday, Jack!

  5. What a great party theme! And perfect execution. Happy Birthday, Jack!

  6. I always did over the top huge theme paties for The bean. Not only does he remember them, but so do all the other kids and their parents. We decided o take them all to Chuck E. Cheese one year, thinking it would be more fun for them and they were all distraught over NO THEME. You know by next year you will be in your new house, he will be in school with new kids and you will have a great idea again. It's like childbirth - you forgoet the pain after awhile!

  7. Holy shit, you're crazy! I so am NOT AT ALL for the b-day parties. But the boys' are during the holidays in the dead of winter, so why bother. One time the lady who does their gymnastics let the kids have freeplay for an hour and we gave them pizza and cake and that was that. :P

  8. you are such an awesome mom! i am quite impressed and i am sure the kids loved it!

  9. Gotta agree with the left...Jack will remember this party FOREVER!!! Made me recall my oldest son's 5th...we only had 5 kids, and it rained...shot down all the outside plans...and by the time the party ended, my mother was ready to walk back to Sarasota {200 miles!} and the sweet children had removed not only every toy from every nook & cranny, but also the mattress from Chris's bed!! My note to self was always have a backup plan in case of downpours!!! Your mini golf course rocks...Happy Birthday Jack!!! *elaine*

  10. Looks like you did a good job to me! I bet they had a blast...hate waiting on things especially things like the cake you had to wait on!!

  11. What a wonderful idea for a 5 year olds birthday! All the details sound just perfect.

    Your whole cake disaster makes me remember one year when I picked up my daughter's cake and they had spelled her name wrong. Made me mad, but it could be fixed, right? They actually argued with me over the spelling, yes they could fix it, but more or less told me I was stupid for the way I spelled her name. They never got my business again.

  12. Looks like a fabulous party! I cant believe how big he's getting!

  13. Looks like the party was a big hit! I know I would have loved it, at 5 or 50! I'm a kid at heart! I'm sure it will be one of his fondest memories!

  14. Sounds like a fab bday party, though!! Great idea!


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