Monday, October 05, 2009

Just visiting

I have a bunch of random stuff today.
We are still waiting on building permits for the new house, which is starting to slow things up a bit. Back on the 61 mile yard sale Dave and I bought this door with NO clue what to do with it. (Yes, it's filthy, forget about that. LOL) I think we are going to use it for the master bathroom door. The hardware is cute and we need to do something about the deadbolt though.

I am pondering frosting the glass with something clever etched into it, or just sewing up a cute curtain to cover the window part.
If you haven't seen all the cute Halloween ideas at Value Village they are worth checking out. I actually cut out the little witch silhouette instead of just printing it and put it into a frame I found at Goodwill. (I removed her finger because my husband swore she was picking her nose. Ha.)
Some of you will remember my love affair with magnetic paper dolls a few years back. When I stumbled on this cute stuff at Oliebollen I just KNEW that candy corn wanted to be a magnetic paper doll.

Now I just need to get it cut out.

Jack is being a bit of a grinch about Halloween this year. He INSISTS he is not dressing up and he doesn't give one hoot about not getting candy. Oy. (This is terrible news for his father and I. Halloween is our favorite holiday!)

Maybe changing the costumes on the candy corn will get him in the mood.
We went to the cemetery yesterday to replace the flowers on my grandparents grave and he just plopped himself right down on the grass and announced that he "misses grandpa." (I just happened to have the camera with me or I would not think to take a photo like that.)

We all do right now, buddy. :-(

In other good news, he did not cry at preschool today! I consider this a major accomplishment.

One other thing. Did everyone but me know there is Country Living brand stuff at K-Mart now? Some of it is actually pretty cute. I am pondering two of these chairs for my new dining room table.

I bought this table (off craigslist) but in white.

I am kinda in love with these chairs but 1) they are WAY WAY WAY too expensive and 2) Pottery Barn has the WORST customer service EVER and I will never, ever give them another penny of my money.

Maybe the K-Mart chairs would be a good substitute.

Ok, off to cut out candy corn dolls.

Back tomorrow with something I actually made. Don't fall over from the shock of it now. :-)


  1. I kind of like the Kmart chairs better.

  2. I didn't realize Value Village had a blog/site! I think I'm going to paint some ugly ceramics black. My kids are older now and the cute Halloween stuff doesn't quite cut it. (Sad moment -- my 11 year old asked me if he could be something scary this year. Last year he was a tornado.) But the real reason I'm commenting is to say -- small world! Oliebollen is local and I'm good friends with the designer of the candy corn paper dolls. She will be pleased to hear they're cropping up in blogland.

  3. I've never heard of Value Village - do they put craft projects on the website for every holiday? I printed out three of the cutouts. I had picked up three black frames not long ago, so that was a fast completed project - the best kind!

    *Way to go Jack for doin good at school. Mama needed that!

  4. That witch is cute! Blake said something about not trick or treating, I know that idea wont last!

  5. I have to say I love random posts.... :D
    and I cried when you wrote about jack & grandpa. my thoughts are with you!!
    thanks for sharing!


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